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CINJOG 040406: “Effect of DNA Variations on Breast Cancer Risk and Recurrence. A Study of The Cancer Institute of New Jersey Oncology Group (CINJOG).”


  • Evaluation in surgical/medical/radiation oncology/radiology clinic, high risk clinic, or survivors clinic with a history of one of the following:
    • Previous biopsy-confirmed diagnosis of breast cancer including DCIS and invasive ductal carcinoma OR

    • Previous biopsy-confirmed diagnosis of the marker of increased risk of developing breast cancer LCIS or atypical hyperplasia OR

    • Previous biopsy-confirmed diagnosis of benign breast conditions (includes fibrocystic changes, fibroadenoma) with no prior diagnosis of breast cancer OR

    • Individual participating as a healthy volunteer.
  • Willing to undergo venipuncture to obtain 20 ml of blood, and submission of a case report form.

ENROLLMENT TARGET: 10,000 - *Enrollment is 4107 as of 11/2013


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