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The Cancer Program at Southern Ocean Medical Center brings renowned oncology care to southern Ocean County. The mission of the Cancer Program is to provide the community with programs for prevention, early detection and diagnosis as well as the finest treatment, research, supportive care, education and rehabilitation care available. This mission is achieved by providing high-quality, personalized treatment plans individually developed with the patient and their physician.

The Cancer Program at Southern Ocean Medical Center is accredited by the American College of Surgeons' Commission on Cancer. Less than 25% of hospitals that offer cancer care have achieved this prestigious honor from the Commission on Cancer.

The Cancer Program at Southern Ocean Medical Center- Research
Through its affiliation with The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Southern Ocean Medical Center offers its patients the same state-of-the-art services they could receive at an NCI-designated cancer center in New York or Philadelphia, right in their own neighborhood. Hospital patients are invited to participate in numerous clinical drug trials and research protocols without traveling outside of the southern Ocean County community.

The Cancer Program at Southern Ocean Medical Center- Services
The Cancer Program features state-of-the-art medical and surgical oncology, radiation therapy and customized chemotherapy services that blend the most advanced treatments with compassionate care and medical excellence. Oncologists, radiation oncologists and surgeons affiliated with the Hospital are board certified.

In addition to treatment plans tailored to the patient's needs, the Cancer Program at Southern Ocean County Hospital also utilizes a multifaceted team approach to patient care as well as solid network of cancer survivor support groups, health screenings and community education programs.

The Cancer Program also provides comprehensive Breast Cancer Services that focus on prevention, the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment and recovery to help patients and their families deal with the impact of breast cancer.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostics
The Radiology Department offers the most advanced mammography services, which are nationally accredited by the American College of Radiology. In addition, Southern Ocean Medical Center's Radiology Department features an array of advanced diagnostic imaging technology, including:

High Resolution SPECT Camera: Provides 3-D images of the body. The super computer connected to the camera is capable of 64 million instructions per second, allowing it to display the patient's internal organs as 3-D graphic images which can be rotated to any desired angle.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET): A PET Scan creates images reflecting differences in glucose (or sugar) uptake between cancer cells and normal cells. By reflecting small changes at the cellular level, PET can detect disease earlier and provide information on whether the cancer has spread.

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - Produces high-quality images of the brain, spine, joints and other organs to determine severity of patient injuries and conditions.
  • SpiralCT Scanning: During a spiral CT, the x-ray machine rotates continuously around the body, following a spiral path to make cross-sectional pictures of the body.

The Women's Imaging Center:
Beautiful amenities and a comfortable, home-like décor provide the perfect backdrop for the advanced technology housed in Southern Ocean Medical Center's Women's Imaging Center. This beautiful facility resonates with a feminine touch. Inviting and homelike furnishings coupled with a stylish décor help ease the anxiety felt by many women who come for diagnostic testing. In the Center, board-certified radiologists have access to a dedicated reading room for interpretation of tests specific to women's imaging. In addition, skilled and experienced technologists perform, mammography, ultrasound and bone densitometry with the care and compassion that is the hallmark of Southern Ocean Medical Center. The Women's Imaging Center's advanced mammography services are nationally accredited by the American College of Radiology.

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy: Performed in the Women's Imaging Center by a dedicated breast surgeon, or a specially trained radiologist, Stereotactic Breast Biopsy is a virtually painless, minimally invasive procedure that can determine if a suspicious lump is either benign or malignant (cancerous). In many cases, Stereotactic Breast Biopsy avoids the need for more invasive surgery to remove the entire lump.

The board-certified surgeons at Southern Ocean Medical Center perform hundreds of breast cancer procedures each year and utilize the latest equipment and techniques available.

Chemotherapy/Treatment Administration
The Cancer Program offers a full-service chemotherapy program and is accredited by the American College of Surgeons' Commission on Cancer, a distinction shared by less than 25% of hospitals with cancer programs. The Cancer Program also offers services to help people cope with the appearance changes that can occur as a result of cancer treatment. While hair loss associated with chemotherapy is temporary, it can also make recovery seem harder. To help, the Cancer Program offers free turbans or comfort caps as well as wigs for interested patients. In addition, the Cancer Program provides additional treatment services, such as hydration, antibiotic therapy, biological response modifiers and blood and blood products. Chemotherapy is guided by oncology-and-chemotherapy certified nurses. For more information on chemotherapy services at Southern Ocean Medical Center, call 609/978-3400..

Radiation Therapy
Southern Ocean County Radiation Oncology Associates provide state-of-the-art radiation oncology services for area patients on the Hospital campus. Radiation therapy deposits energy that results in injury to the cancer cell's DNA, making it impossible for the cells to grow. Southern Ocean Medical Center offers cancer patients access to the most advanced radiation therapy technology, including Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), which targets the tumor with precision accuracy while sparing normal tissue. To contact Southern Ocean County Radiation Oncology Associates, please call 609/978-2194.

The Family Resource Center
Located on the 3rd floor of The Ocean Club, Route 9 in Stafford Township.  A free community resource, the Family Resource Center sponsors several free educational programs throughout the year on specific types of cancer, cancer prevention, understanding chemotherapy and living with cancer. The Family Resource Center also sponsors numerous cancer screening and early detection programs. In addition, the library at the Center offers free Internet access and many books and videos on cancer, prevention and treatment that are available to the public. For a list of educational workshops on cancer prevention, call Southern Ocean Medical Center Connect at 609/978-3400 or visit the Hospital's website.

Pre & Post Breast Surgery Programs
To help patients both prepare and recover from surgery, the Pre  and Post Breast Surgery Programs are tailored to their individual needs. Typically, patients meet with a nurse who can answer any questions about the procedure. Rehabilitation and exercise programs that aid patients recovering from surgery are individually designed to suit the patients' needs. The focus of these programs is to return patients to their normal level of functioning and independence.

Lymphedema Program
The Lymphedema Program offers the latest treatment for Lymphedema, a condition that can occur following the surgical removal of auxiliary lymph nodes and features massage and compression bandage therapy as well as a wide range of exercises designed to relieve pain and restore normal function. For more information call Southern Ocean Medical Center Connect at 609/978-3400 or visit the Hospital's website.

Support Groups
Southern Ocean Medical Center offers both cancer and breast cancer support groups that allow people facing cancer and their families to share experiences and concerns with others facing the disease. The support groups also offer education about cancer, treatment options and services available in the community. For more information on cancer support groups, call Southern Ocean Medical CenterConnect at 609/978-3400 or visit the Hospital's website.

Social Services
The Social Services Department at Southern Ocean Medical Center offers cancer patients and their families assistance with psychological, financial or placement needs. For more information call 609/978-3400 or visit the Hospital's website at.

Nutritional Services
Southern Ocean Medical Center's Dietary Department features registered dieticians who can assist cancer patients and their families with individualized meal plans and dietary supplements that enhance nutrition. For more information on Nutritional Services, call Southern Ocean Medical Center Connect or visit the Hospital's website.

Pastoral Care Services
Pastoral Care Services at Southern Ocean Medical Center addresses the spiritual needs of patients and their families and includes all faiths.

Southern Ocean Home Health Services is an affiliate of Southern Ocean Medical Centerand provides cancer patients and their families with compassionate, quality healthcare in the comfort of their own homes. Services include home health aides, live-in skilled nursing, companions/homemakers, rehabilitation services, wound care, durable medical equipment and other services. Southern Ocean Home Health is nationally accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). Southern Ocean Hospice provides palliative care for people at the end stage of their lives, so that they can remain in their homes, close to loves. For more information, call 609/978-3090.

Interfaith Health & Support Services of Southern Ocean County, Inc.
Interfaith Health & Support Services blends volunteer non-medical caregiving with parish nursing to provide a wide variety of services to those in need throughout the southern Ocean County community. Services include visits for those with special needs, transportation for routine medical appointments, shopping for the homebound, respite relief for primary caregivers as well as personal health counseling and support during family crisis. For more information, call 609/978-3103.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation at  Southern Ocean Medical Center provides general strength and conditioning and overall rehabilitation for cancer patients as well as a comprehensive Lymphedema Program. For more information, call Southern Ocean Medical Center Connect or visit the Hospital's website.

Cancer Screenings
Southern Ocean Medical Centeroffers several free screenings throughout the year that are open to the public. Screenings include colon rectal screenings, skin cancer screenings, prostate cancer screenings, pap smears, cervical screenings and bladder cancer screenings. For more information, call 609/-978-3400 or visit the Hospital's website.

Community Surgical
Located near Southern Ocean Medical Center at Nautilus Drive and Route 72 West in Manahawkin, Community Surgical provides a comprehensive source for a wide variety of medical equipment and supplies for people to use in their own homes. Delivery service is available. Call 609/597-2001 for more information.

Southern Ocean Medical Center Connect
Southern Ocean Medical Center Connect is a healthcare call center staffed registered nurses who provide healthcare information, referrals to physicians and accurate, confidential answers to your healthcare questions. Call 609/978-3400 between 6:00 am and midnight.

For more information on any aspect of The Cancer Program at Southern Ocean Medical Center, please call 609/978-3400 or visit the Hospital's website.

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