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  • Sakura VIP 5 tissue processor; Sakura DRS slide stainer; Sakura SCA film coverslipper
  • Tissue-Tek III tissue embedding center
  • Three (3) Leica/Riechert-Jung microtomes; Shandon Finesse digital microtome; Leica vibratome
  • Two (2) Leica cryostats
  • Zeiss laser capture microdissection systems
  • Ventana Discovery XT automated immunostainer (new module added October, 2010)
  • Accumed pH meter; Thermo Fisher upright freezer; -20 freezer; Cytospin
  • Beecher automated tissue arrayer; Beecher tissue puncher/arrayer
  • Olympus microscope (BH2): This scope has fluorescent and conventional light microscopy and photographic equipment for conventional light and fluorescent microscopy, and for preparation of publication grade photographs and reproductions
  • Zeiss axioscope: This scope has five objectives from 10x to 100x with phase contrast and fluorescent capabilities; used for FISH analysis
  • High-resolution fluorence microscopy imaging work station; High-performance GPU computing clusters
  • Bright field/dark field Olympus CX41 research microscope: used to examine stained array sections
  • IBM 200 MHZ computer: Zip and Jazz drives w/ Scion CG-7 capture card and Scion Image and IPLab Scientific Imaging software
  •     Apple G4 IMac computer with 17” digital display:  contains databases containing TMA-linked information
  • Dedicated high-performance server workstation consisting of 700 MHz, Pentium Class dual processor equipped with 2GB RAM and 0.2 Terabytes of disk space
  • Dedicated high-performance server workstation consisting of 2 GHz, Pentium 4 Dual Processor equipped with 4 GB RAM and 0.9 Terabytes of disk space



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