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HPLC System 1: Hitachi L-7100 quaternary multi-solvent delivery pump, Hitachi L-7200 autosampler, Hitachi L-7400 UV variable wavelength detector, Hitachi L-7480 programmable fluorescence detector, Hitachi L-7000 computing interphase connected to a Dell PC with Hitachi D-7000 chromatography data station software(Version 4.1).

HPLC System 2: Hitachi L-7100 solvent delivery pump, Waters 717 plus autosampler, Waters 474 programmable scanning fluorescence detector, Waters 486 Tunable Absorbance Detector with Millennium 32 software.

HPLC System 3: Waters Alliance 2690 Separation Module, Waters 490 Programmable UV variable wavelength detector, Waters 490E Programmable UV multiwavelength detector, Waters 996 Photodiode Array detector, all interphased to Millennium 32 software.

LC/Mass Spectrometer: ThermoElectron TSQ Quantum triple quad mass spectrometer equipped with an API electrospray ionization (ESI) source, a Surveyor MS pump, a Surveyor Autosampler, with Xcalibur data acquisition software (ThermoElectron, San Jose, CA, USA).

CellSearch® System for Circulating Tumor Cell enumeration: Automated CellTracks® Autoprep® System, CellTracks Analyzer ® System (Janssen Diagnostic) is used for measuring circulating tumor cells from the blood of breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer patients.

Spectrophotometer: Beckman DU 640 Spectrophotometer with sipper flow cell and enzyme kinetic software.

Multilabel Plate Readers: PerkinElmer VICTOR3 1420 Multilabel Counter with PerkinElmer 2030 Workstation

The PK/PD shared resource also contains standard equipment for PK and PD analyses: centrifuges (refrigerated and non refrigerated), analytical balances, ultralow deep-freezer –80ºC, refrigerators, computers, mircroscopes, a biosafety cell culture hood, CO2 incubator, electrophoresis apparatus, PCR Thermocycler, pH meter, shakers, etc.

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