White Lab News


September 2014

  • Congratulations to Robin and Sinan for publication of their paper in Molecular Cell!
  • Congratulations to Anne Strohecker for accepting a tenure-track faculty position at the Cancer Center at Ohio State University!

July 2014

  • Congratulations to Anne Strohecker on the funding of her K22 NIH grant!

June 2014

  • Congratulations to Jessie Guo, Sinan Khor and Gizem Karsli-Uzunbas for successful presentations at the Metabolism, Diet and Disease meeting in Washington, D.C.
  • Congratulations to Shilpy Joshi for obtaining a travel scholarship award and for a successful presentation at the Keystone meeting on Autophagy: Fundamentals to Disease in Austin, Texas.
  • Congratulations to Anne Strohecker for the publication of her review in Cancer Discovery!
  • Farewell to White Lab member Sinan Khor who is starting in the MD, PhD Program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
  • Welcome to Rutgers University undergrads who join the White lab for their undergraduate research projects: Sirui Ma, Deep Vakil, Tim Ganapolsky, and Ramasamy Muthuramam.

May 2014

  • Welcome to Yang Yang who joins the White lab as a new PhD student.
  • Congratulation to Gizem Karsli-Uzunbas, Jessie Guo and collaborators for the publication of their paper in Cancer Discovery!
  • Congratulations to Jessie Guo for her Symposium Presentation at the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.