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Edmund C. Lattime, PhD

Selected Publications

Gomella, L.G., Mastrangelo, M.J., McCue, P.A., Maguire, H.C. Jr., Mulholland, S.G., and Lattime, E.C. Phase I study of intravesical vaccinia virus as a vector for gene therapy of bladder cancer 2001, J. Urology 166(4):1291-5.

Yang, A.S. and Lattime, E.C. 2003 Tumor-induced IL-10 Suppresses the Ability of Splenic Dendritic Cells to Stimulate CD4 and CD8 T Cell Responses. Cancer Res. 63:2150-2157.

Yang, A.S. and Monken, C.E., and Lattime, E.C. 2003 Intratumoral vaccination with vaccinia expressed tumor antigen and GM-CSF overcomes immunological ignorance to tumor antigen. Cancer Research 63:6956-6961.

Strair, R.K., Schaar, D., Medina, D., Todd, M.B., Aisner, J., DiPaola, R.S., Manago, J., Knox, B., Jenkinson, A., Senzon, R., Baker, C., Dudek, L., Ciardella, M., Kuriyan, M., Rubin, A. and Lattime, E.C. 2003, Anti-neoplastic effects of partially HLA-matched irradiated blood mononuclear cells in patients with renal cell carcinoma, J. Clin., Oncol. 21:3785-3791..

DiPaola, R., Plante, M., Kaufman, H., Petrylak, D., Israeli, R., Lattime, E., Manson, K., Schuetz, T. 2006, A Phase I trial of pox PSA vaccines (PROSTVAC(R)-VF) with B7-1, ICAM-1, and LFA-3 co-stimulatory molecules (TRICOMtrade mark) in patients with prostate cancer, J. Transl. Med. 4:1-5.

Zhang, Z., Monken, C.E., Zhang, Y., Lenard, J., Mizushima, N., Lattime, E.C., Jin, S., 2006. Cellular autophagy machinery is not required for vaccinia virus replication and maturation, Autophagy 2:91-95.

Ge, R., Rajeev, V. Ray, P., Lattime, E.C., Rittling, S., Medicherla, S., Protter, A., Murphy, A., Chakravarty, J., Dugar, S., Schreiner, G., Barnard, N., and Reiss, M. 2006. Inhibition of growth and metastasis of mouse mammary carcinoma by selective inhibitor of transforming growth factor-b type I receptor kinase in-vivo. Clin. Cancer Research 12:4315-4330

Gabriel, E. and Lattime, E.C. 2007, Anti-CTLA-4: Are Regulatory T Cells a Target?. Clin. Cancer Research 13:785-788.

Nikitczuk, K.P., Lattime, E.C., Schloss, R.S. and Yarmush, M.L. 2011, Analysis of dendritic cell stimulation utilizing a multi-faceted nanopolymer delivery system and the immune modulator 1-methyl tryptophan Nano LIFE (in press).

Moloughney, J.G., Monken, C.E., Zhang, H., Thomas, J.D., Lattime, E.C., and Jin, S. Vaccinia virus leads to ATG12-ATG3 conjugation and deficiency in autophagosome formation (submitted).