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Howard Leventhal, PhD

Publications since 2011

Lin, J. J. Lake, J. Wall, M. M. Berman, A. R. Salazar-Schicchi, J. Powell, C. Keller, S. M. Halm, E. A. Leventhal, H. Wisnivesky, J. P. Association of patient-provider communication domains with lung cancer treatment. J Thorac Oncol, 9:1249-1254, . (PMID: 25122421, PMCID: PMC4133738)

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Breland, J. Y. McAndrew, L. M. Burns, E. Leventhal, E. A. Leventhal, H. Using the Common Sense Model of Self-regulation to review the effects of self-monitoring of blood glucose on glycemic control for non-insulin-treated adults with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Educ, 39:541-559, . (PMID: 23749773)

Horne, R. Faasse, K. Cooper, V. Diefenbach, M. A. Leventhal, H. Leventhal, E. Petrie, K. J. The perceived sensitivity to medicines (PSM) scale: An evaluation of validity and reliability. Br J Health Psychol, 18:18-30, . (PMID: 22524270)

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Mora, P. A. Beamon, T. Preuitt, L. Dibonaventura, M. Leventhal, E. A. Leventhal, H. Heterogeneity in depression symptoms and health status among older adults. J Aging Health, 24:879-896, . (PMID: 22491993)

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Fraenkel, L. Falzer, P. Fried, T. Kohler, M. Peters, E. Kerns, R. Leventhal, H. Measuring pain impact versus pain severity using a numeric rating scale. J Gen Intern Med, 27:555-560, . (PMID: 22081365, PMCID: PMC3326111)

Phillips, L. A. Leventhal, E. A. Leventhal, H. Factors associated with the accuracy of physicians' predictions of patient adherence. Patient Educ Couns, 85:461-467, . (PMID: 21501943, PMCID: PMC3149713)

Leventhal, H. Leventhal, E. A. Breland, J. Y. Cognitive science speaks to the "common-sense" of chronic illness management. Ann Behav Med, 41:152-163, . (PMID: 21136224)