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Cheryl F. Dreyfus, PhD

Publications since 2011

Liu, J. Tian, D. Murugan, M. Eyo, U. B. Dreyfus, C. F. Wang, W. Wu, L. J. Microglial Hv1 proton channel promotes cuprizone-induced demyelination through oxidative damage. J Neurochem, In process, . (PMID: 26173779)

Tsiperson, V. Huang, Y. Bagayogo, I. Song, Y. VonDran, M. W. DiCicco-Bloom, E. Dreyfus, C. F. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor deficiency restricts proliferation of oligodendrocyte progenitors following cuprizone-induced demyelination. ASN Neuro, 7:, . (PMID: 25586993)

Fulmer, C. G. VonDran, M. W. Stillman, A. A. Huang, Y. Hempstead, B. L. Dreyfus, C. F. Astrocyte-derived BDNF supports myelin protein synthesis after cuprizone-induced demyelination. J Neurosci, 34:8186-8196, . (PMID: 24920623, PMCID: PMC4051974)

Huang, Y. Dreyfus, C. F. Culturing astrocytes from postnatal rats. Methods Mol Biol, 1018:71-80, . (PMID: 23681618)

Fulmer, C. G. Dreyfus, C. F. Culturing oligodendrocyte lineage cells from neonatal rats. Methods Mol Biol, 1018:81-91, . (PMID: 23681619)

Chao, M. V. Dreyfus, C. F. Introduction to the special issue in honor of Ira B. Black. Dev Neurobiol, 72:753-754, . (PMID: 22539248)

VonDran, M. W. Singh, H. Honeywell, J. Z. Dreyfus, C. F. Levels of BDNF impact oligodendrocyte lineage cells following a cuprizone lesion. J Neurosci, 31:14182-14190, . (PMID: 21976503, PMCID: PMC3203635)