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Advanced Microscopy


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Director: Eileen White, PhD

Manager: Wen Xie, PhD


Advanced Microscopy Shared ResourceFeaturing state-of-the-art microscopy equipment including the laser scanning confocal microscope, laser capture microdissection system, live cell and time-lapse imaging and a variety of upright, inverted fluorescent microscopes, the Advanced Microscopy shared resource provides our fellow researchers access to the cutting-edge imaging technology for enhancing their basic, clinical or translational studies of human diseases and biomedical experiments using either fixed or live cells or tissues. 
The Advanced Microscopy shared resource provides scientific and technical expertise to aid in experiment design, specimen preparation, optimal image acquisition and training courses to help researchers get access and use the advanced microscope systems more efficiently.

The specific objectives of this shared resource are to offer:

  • A powerful array of contemporary microscopes and highly specialized imaging tools.
  • Assist researchers with their microscopy experiment design.
  • Provide training courses to new users allowing them to become familiar with sophisticated equipment quickly and efficiently.
  • Provide researchers with expert consultation in sample preparation, image acquisition, data analysis for presentations, grant applications and publications.



"Services, results and/or products in support of the research project were generated by Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Advanced Microscopy Shared Resource."

Please consider including the names of individuals from the shared resource if they provided any intellectual input or additional effort.

If you require additional guidance on how to properly acknowledge a single shared resource or multiple shared resources you may contact  Janet Bandoy, Shared Resource Coordinator.


Last updated 05/14/2020