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Find a Clinical Trial

As New Jersey's only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey offers patients access to treatment options not available at other institutions within the state. Clinical trials are available for many rare cancer types. If you do not see your type of cancer in the search menu, look under Phase I or Precision Medicine. Call 732-235-8675 for more information.

Search by keyword or phrase

Type a word or several words to narrow your search. Enter words such as cancer type, treatment, or doctor’s last name to find available clinical trials.


Examples of search words:

Cancer type:
Treatment or drug name:
Doctor's last name:
prostate, lung, breast cancer
doxorubicin, bicalutamide
Toppmeyer, Strair, Stein

You do not need to enter words such as a, or, and, the. Punctuation marks such as quotation marks ( " ) or commas ( , ) are not needed.

Search by category

Select a type of clinical trial from the list below and click the search button to find available clinical trials. To view a list of all open clinical trials, select "All Available Clinical Trials" from the drop-down list.


For information about clinical trials available at Rutgers Cancer Institute or to inquire about participating in a specific clinical trail, please call 732-235-8675.