Nursing Opportunities

Advanced Practice Nursing

The Cancer Institute of New Jersey has a robust Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) model. APNs practice as clinical leaders within multidisciplinary units that specialize in particular diseases. This context provides them with the opportunity to specialize within specific areas of clinical practice. APNs manage complex patient issues across the trajectory of care.

Oncology Education Specialists

Oncology Education Specialists are academically prepared to meet the continuing education needs of nurses both at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey and within the Network hospitals. The work of the Oncology Education Specialist is centered on guiding and enhancing practice through professional growth and development initiatives. These activities include a comprehensive orientation and training program, evidence-based educational offerings, and indvidualized development strategies.

Research Nurse Clinicians

The Research Nurse Clinicians (RNC) at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey bring specialized expertise and in-depth knowledge of the research process to patients participating in clinical trials. The RNC has a skill set that includes competencies that allow them to provide safe, accurate and efficient care that is in compliance with the highest research standards. RNCs are integral to the process by which cutting edge treatments move from the bench to the forefront of oncology patient care. The integration of patient care with the research process contributes to the excitement and reward of being a Research Nurse Clinician at the Cancer Institute.

Oncology Treatment Nurses

The Cancer Institute of New Jersey's Oncology Treatment Nurses work in the infusion area and are experts in the delivery of cancer treatments including novel therapeutics that are being tested in clinical trials. They practice in the adult or pediatric settings as part of the multidisciplinary health care team. Their work is focused on providing comprehensive assessments and anticipatory care to manage side effects related to therapy. Patient and family education are integral to this practice.

Available Nursing Positions

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