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Yufang Shi, DVM, MSc,PhD

Publications since 2011

Shou, P. Chen, Q. Jiang, J. Xu, C. Zhang, J. Zheng, C. Jiang, M. Velletri, T. Cao, W. Huang, Y. Yang, Q. Han, X. Zhang, L. Wei, L. Rabson, A. B. Chin, Y. E. Wang, Y. Shi, Y. Type I interferons exert anti-tumor effect via reversing immunosuppression mediated by mesenchymal stromal cells. Oncogene, In process, . (PMID: 27109100)

Chen, Q. Shou, P. Zheng, C. Jiang, M. Cao, G. Yang, Q. Cao, J. Xie, N. Velletri, T. Zhang, X. Xu, C. Zhang, L. Yang, H. Hou, J. Wang, Y. Shi, Y. Fate decision of mesenchymal stem cells: adipocytes or osteoblasts? Cell Death Differ, In process, . (PMID: 26868907)

Zheng, C. Yang, Q. Cao, J. Xie, N. Liu, K. Shou, P. Qian, F. Wang, Y. Shi, Y. Local proliferation initiates macrophage accumulation in adipose tissue during obesity. Cell Death Dis, 7:e2167, . (PMID: 27031964)

Zheng, C. Yang, Q. Xu, C. Shou, P. Cao, J. Jiang, M. Chen, Q. Cao, G. Han, Y. Li, F. Cao, W. Zhang, L. Zhang, L. Shi, Y. Wang, Y. CD11b regulates obesity-induced insulin resistance via limiting alternative activation and proliferation of adipose tissue macrophages. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, In process, . (PMID: 26669445)

Cao, K. Wang, G. Li, W. Zhang, L. Wang, R. Huang, Y. Du, L. Jiang, J. Wu, C. He, X. Roberts, A. I. Li, F. Rabson, A. B. Wang, Y. Shi, Y. Histone deacetylase inhibitors prevent activation-induced cell death and promote anti-tumor immunity. Oncogene, In process, . (PMID: 25745993)

Khan, I. Zhang, L. Mohammed, M. Archer, F. E. Abukharmah, J. Yuan, Z. Rizvi, S. S. Melek, M. G. Rabson, A. B. Shi, Y. Weinberger, B. Vetrano, A. M. Effects of Wharton's jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells on neonatal neutrophils. J Inflamm Res, 8:1-8, . (PMID: 25678809, PMCID: PMC4317142)

Han, X. Yang, Q. Lin, L. Xu, C. Zheng, C. Chen, X. Han, Y. Li, M. Cao, W. Cao, K. Chen, Q. Xu, G. Zhang, Y. Zhang, J. Schneider, R. J. Qian, Y. Wang, Y. Brewer, G. Shi, Y. Interleukin-17 enhances immunosuppression by mesenchymal stem cells. Cell Death Differ, 21:1758-1768, . (PMID: 25034782, PMCID: PMC4211372)

Wang, Y. Chen, X. Cao, W. Shi, Y. Plasticity of mesenchymal stem cells in immunomodulation: pathological and therapeutic implications. Nat Immunol, 15:1009-1016, . (PMID: 25329189)

Xu, C. Lin, L. Cao, G. Chen, Q. Shou, P. Huang, Y. Han, Y. Wang, Y. Shi, Y. Interferon-alpha-secreting mesenchymal stem cells exert potent antitumor effect in vivo. Oncogene, 33:5047-5052, . (PMID: 24186200)

Ke, F. Zhang, L. Liu, Z. Liu, J. Yan, S. Xu, Z. Bai, J. Zhu, H. Lou, F. Wang, H. Shi, Y. Jiang, Y. Su, B. Wang, H. Autocrine interleukin-6 drives skin-derived mesenchymal stem cell trafficking via regulating voltage-gated Ca(2+) channels. Stem Cells, 32:2799-2810, . (PMID: 24906203)

Liu, S. Sun, X. Wang, M. Hou, Y. Zhan, Y. Jiang, Y. Liu, Z. Cao, X. Chen, P. Liu, Z. Chen, X. Tao, Y. Xu, C. Mao, J. Cheng, C. Li, C. Hu, Y. Wang, L. Chin, Y. E. Shi, Y. Siebenlist, U. Zhang, X. A microRNA 221- and 222-mediated feedback loop maintains constitutive activation of NFkappaB and STAT3 in colorectal cancer cells. Gastroenterology, 147:847-859.e11, . (PMID: 24931456)

Galluzzi, L. Bravo-San Pedro, J. M. Vitale, I. Aaronson, S. A. Abrams, J. M. Adam, D. Alnemri, E. S. Altucci, L. Andrews, D. Annicchiarico-Petruzzelli, M. Baehrecke, E. H. Bazan, N. G. Bertrand, M. J. Bianchi, K. Blagosklonny, M. V. Blomgren, K. Borner, C. Bredesen, D. E. Brenner, C. Campanella, M. Candi, E. Cecconi, F. Chan, F. K. Chandel, N. S. Cheng, E. H. Chipuk, J. E. Cidlowski, J. A. Ciechanover, A. Dawson, T. M. Dawson, V. L. De Laurenzi, V. De Maria, R. Debatin, K. M. Di Daniele, N. Dixit, V. M. Dynlacht, B. D. El-Deiry, W. S. Fimia, G. M. Flavell, R. A. Fulda, S. Garrido, C. Gougeon, M. L. Green, D. R. Gronemeyer, H. Hajnoczky, G. Hardwick, J. M. Hengartner, M. O. Ichijo, H. Joseph, B. Jost, P. J. Kaufmann, T. Kepp, O. Klionsky, D. J. Knight, R. A. Kumar, S. Lemasters, J. J. Levine, B. Linkermann, A. Lipton, S. A. Lockshin, R. A. Lopez-Otin, C. Lugli, E. Madeo, F. Malorni, W. Marine, J. C. Martin, S. J. Martinou, J. C. Medema, J. P. Meier, P. Melino, S. Mizushima, N. Moll, U. Munoz-Pinedo, C. Nunez, G. Oberst, A. Panaretakis, T. Penninger, J. M. Peter, M. E. Piacentini, M. Pinton, P. Prehn, J. H. Puthalakath, H. Rabinovich, G. A. Ravichandran, K. S. Rizzuto, R. Rodrigues, C. M. Rubinsztein, D. C. Rudel, T. Shi, Y. Simon, H. U. Stockwell, B. R. Szabadkai, G. Tait, S. W. Tang, H. L. Tavernarakis, N. Tsujimoto, Y. Vanden Berghe, T. Vandenabeele, P. Villunger, A. Wagner, E. F. Walczak, H. White, E. Wood, W. G. Yuan, J. Zakeri, Z. Zhivotovsky, B. Melino, G. Kroemer, G. Essential versus accessory aspects of cell death: recommendations of the NCCD 2015. Cell Death Differ, In process, . (PMID: 25236395)

Zhu, K. Zhang, N. Guo, N. Yang, J. Wang, J. Yang, C. Yang, C. Zhu, L. Xu, C. Deng, Q. Zhu, R. Wang, H. Chen, X. Shi, Y. Li, Y. Leng, Q. SSC(high)CD11b(high)Ly-6C(high)Ly-6G(low) myeloid cells curtail CD4 T cell response by inducible nitric oxide synthase in murine hepatitis. Int J Biochem Cell Biol, 54:89-97, . (PMID: 25035167)

Ren, G. Liu, Y. Zhao, X. Zhang, J. Zheng, B. Yuan, Z. R. Zhang, L. Qu, X. Tischfield, J. A. Shao, C. Shi, Y. Tumor resident mesenchymal stromal cells endow naive stromal cells with tumor-promoting properties. Oncogene, 33:4016-4020, . (PMID: 24077286)

Huang, Y. Yu, P. Li, W. Ren, G. Roberts, A. I. Cao, W. Zhang, X. Su, J. Chen, X. Chen, Q. Shou, P. Xu, C. Du, L. Lin, L. Xie, N. Zhang, L. Wang, Y. Shi, Y. p53 regulates mesenchymal stem cell-mediated tumor suppression in a tumor microenvironment through immune modulation. Oncogene, 33:3830-3838, . (PMID: 23975435)

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Ling, W. Zhang, J. Yuan, Z. Ren, G. Zhang, L. Chen, X. Rabson, A. B. Roberts, A. I. Wang, Y. Shi, Y. Mesenchymal Stem Cells Employ IDO to Regulate Immunity in Tumor Microenvironment. Cancer Res, 74:1576-1587, . (PMID: 24452999, PMCID: PMC3959857)

Chen, Q. Shou, P. Zhang, L. Xu, C. Zheng, C. Han, Y. Li, W. Huang, Y. Zhang, X. Shao, C. Roberts, A. I. Rabson, A. B. Ren, G. Zhang, Y. Wang, Y. Denhardt, D. T. Shi, Y. An Osteopontin-Integrin interaction plays a critical role in directing adipogenesis and osteogenesis by mesenchymal stem cells. Stem Cells, 32:327-337, . (PMID: 24123709, PMCID: PMC3961005)

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Zhang, Y. Cai, W. Huang, Q. Gu, Y. Shi, Y. Huang, J. Zhao, F. Liu, Q. Wei, X. Jin, M. Wu, C. Xie, Q. Zhang, Y. Wan, B. Zhang, Y. Mesenchymal stem cells alleviate bacteria-induced liver injury in mice by inducing regulatory dendritic cells. Hepatology, 59:671-682, . (PMID: 23929707)

Song, X. Gao, H. Lin, Y. Yao, Y. Zhu, S. Wang, J. Liu, Y. Yao, X. Meng, G. Shen, N. Shi, Y. Iwakura, Y. Qian, Y. Alterations in the microbiota drive interleukin-17C production from intestinal epithelial cells to promote tumorigenesis. Immunity, 40:140-152, . (PMID: 24412611)

Chen, X. Gan, Y. Li, W. Su, J. Zhang, Y. Huang, Y. Roberts, A. I. Han, Y. Li, J. Wang, Y. Shi, Y. The interaction between mesenchymal stem cells and steroids during inflammation. Cell Death Dis, 5:e1009, . (PMID: 24457953, PMCID: PMC4040685)

Xu, C. Yu, P. Han, X. Du, L. Gan, J. Wang, Y. Shi, Y. TGF-beta promotes immune responses in the presence of mesenchymal stem cells. J Immunol, 192:103-109, . (PMID: 24293629)

Yang, X. Han, Z. P. Zhang, S. S. Zhu, P. X. Hao, C. Fan, T. T. Yang, Y. Li, L. Shi, Y. F. Wei, L. X. Chronic restraint stress decreases the repair potential from mesenchymal stem cells on liver injury by inhibiting TGF-beta1 generation. Cell Death Dis, 5:e1308, . (PMID: 24967970)

Zhang, M. Zhou, H. Zheng, C. Xiao, J. Zuo, E. Liu, W. Xie, D. Shi, Y. Wu, C. Wang, H. Li, D. Li, J. The roles of testicular c-kit positive cells in de novo morphogenesis of testis. Sci Rep, 4:5936, . (PMID: 25088917, PMCID: PMC4119999)

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Shi, Y. The 1000th publication features protection of normal cells during chemotherapy: a land mark for Cell Death & Disease. Cell Death Dis, 5:e1062, . (PMID: 24525738, PMCID: PMC3944265)

Wu, Q. Wang, H. Zhao, X. Shi, Y. Jin, M. Wan, B. Xu, H. Cheng, Y. Ge, H. Zhang, Y. Identification of G-protein-coupled receptor 120 as a tumor-promoting receptor that induces angiogenesis and migration in human colorectal carcinoma. Oncogene, 32:5541-5550, . (PMID: 23851494)

Zhang, J. Roberts, A. I. Liu, C. Ren, G. Xu, G. Zhang, L. Devadas, S. Shi, Y. A novel subset of helper T cells promotes immune responses by secreting GM-CSF. Cell Death Differ, 20:1731-1741, . (PMID: 24076588, PMCID: PMC3824596)

Yu, B. He, Z. Y. You, P. Han, Q. W. Xiang, D. Chen, F. Wang, M. J. Liu, C. C. Lin, X. W. Borjigin, U. Zi, X. Y. Li, J. X. Zhu, H. Y. Li, W. L. Han, C. S. Wangensteen, K. J. Shi, Y. Hui, L. J. Wang, X. Hu, Y. P. Reprogramming fibroblasts into bipotential hepatic stem cells by defined factors. Cell Stem Cell, 13:328-340, . (PMID: 23871605)

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Zeng, A. Li, Y. Q. Wang, C. Han, X. S. Li, G. Wang, J. Y. Li, D. S. Qin, Y. W. Shi, Y. Brewer, G. Jing, Q. Heterochromatin protein 1 promotes self-renewal and triggers regenerative proliferation in adult stem cells. J Cell Biol, 201:409-425, . (PMID: 23629965, PMCID: PMC3639387)

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