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Steven J. Brill, PhD

Publications since 2011

Chavdarova, M. Marini, V. Sisakova, A. Sedlackova, H. Vigasova, D. Brill, S. J. Lisby, M. Krejci, L. Srs2 promotes Mus81-Mms4-mediated resolution of recombination intermediates. Nucleic Acids Res, In process, . (PMID: 25765656)

Chen, C. F. Brill, S. J. Multimerization domains are associated with apparent strand exchange activity in BLM and WRN DNA helicases. DNA Repair (Amst), 22:137-146, . (PMID: 25198671, PMCID: PMC4174979)

Glineburg, M. R. Chavez, A. Agrawal, V. Brill, S. J. Johnson, F. B. Resolution by unassisted Top3 points to template switch recombination intermediates during DNA replication. J Biol Chem, 288:33193-33204, . (PMID: 24100144, PMCID: PMC3829166)

Brill, S. J. Linking the Enzymes that Unlink DNA. Mol Cell, 52:159-160, . (PMID: 24210174, PMCID: PMC4126409)

Luciano, P. Coulon, S. Faure, V. Corda, Y. Bos, J. Brill, S. J. Gilson, E. Simon, M. N. Geli, V. RPA facilitates telomerase activity at chromosome ends in budding and fission yeasts. EMBO J, 31:2034-2046, . (PMID: 22354040, PMCID: PMC3343328)

Ii, M. Ii, T. Mironova, L. I. Brill, S. J. Epistasis analysis between homologous recombination genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae identifies multiple repair pathways for Sgs1, Mus81-Mms4 and RNase H2. Mutat Res, 714:33-43, . (PMID: 21741981, PMCID: PMC3162113)

Mullen, J. R. Das, M. Brill, S. J. Genetic evidence that polysumoylation bypasses the need for a SUMO-targeted Ub ligase. Genetics, 187:73-87, . (PMID: 21059884, PMCID: PMC3018298)