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Ruth Steward, PhD

Publications since 2011

Tan, W. Schauder, C. Naryshkina, T. Minakhina, S. Steward, R. Zfrp8 forms a complex with fragile-X mental retardation protein and regulates its localization and function. Dev Biol, 410:202-212, . (PMID: 26772998)

Delatte, B. Wang, F. Ngoc, L. V. Collignon, E. Bonvin, E. Deplus, R. Calonne, E. Hassabi, B. Putmans, P. Awe, S. Wetzel, C. Kreher, J. Soin, R. Creppe, C. Limbach, P. A. Gueydan, C. Kruys, V. Brehm, A. Minakhina, S. Defrance, M. Steward, R. Fuks, F. RNA biochemistry. Transcriptome-wide distribution and function of RNA hydroxymethylcytosine. Science, 351:282-285, . (PMID: 26816380)

Minakhina, S. Naryshkina, T. Changela, N. Tan, W. Steward, R. Zfrp8/PDCD2 Interacts with RpS2 Connecting Ribosome Maturation and Gene-Specific Translation. PLoS One, 11:e0147631, . (PMID: 26807849, PMCID: PMC4726551)

Reilly, E. Changela, N. Naryshkina, T. Deshpande, G. Steward, R. Discs large 5, an Essential Gene in Drosophila, Regulates Egg Chamber Organization. G3 (Bethesda), In process, . (PMID: 25795662)

Minakhina, S. Changela, N. Steward, R. Zfrp8/PDCD2 is required in ovarian stem cells and interacts with the piRNA pathway machinery. Development, 141:259-268, . (PMID: 24381196, PMCID: PMC3879809)

Granier, C. J. Wang, W. Tsang, T. Steward, R. Sabaawy, H. E. Bhaumik, M. Rabson, A. B. Conditional inactivation of PDCD2 induces p53 activation and cell cycle arrest. Biol Open, 3:821-831, . (PMID: 25150276, PMCID: PMC4163659)

Barboza, N. Minakhina, S. Medina, D. J. Balsara, B. Greenwood, S. Huzzy, L. Rabson, A. B. Steward, R. Schaar, D. G. PDCD2 functions in cancer cell proliferation and predicts relapsed leukemia. Cancer Biol Ther, 14:546-555, . (PMID: 23760497)

Sakaguchi, A. Joyce, E. Aoki, T. Schedl, P. Steward, R. The Histone H4 Lysine 20 Monomethyl Mark, Set by PR-Set7 and Stabilized by L(3)mbt, Is Necessary for Proper Interphase Chromatin Organization. PLoS One, 7:e45321, . (PMID: 23024815, PMCID: PMC3443217)

Minakhina, S. Tan, W. Steward, R. JAK/STAT and the GATA factor Pannier control hemocyte maturation and differentiation in Drosophila. Dev Biol, 352:308-316, . (PMID: 21295568, PMCID: PMC3065540)