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Mengqing Xiang, PhD

Publications since 2011

Zou, M. Luo, H. Xiang, M. Selective neuronal lineages derived from Dll4-expressing progenitors/precursors in the retina and spinal cord. Dev Dyn, In process, . (PMID: 25179941)

Misra, K. Luo, H. Li, S. Matise, M. Xiang, M. Asymmetric activation of Dll4-Notch signaling by Foxn4 and proneural factors activates BMP/TGFbeta signaling to specify V2b interneurons in the spinal cord. Development, 141:187-198, . (PMID: 24257627, PMCID: PMC3865758)

Xiang, M. Li, S. Foxn4: A multi-faceted transcriptional regulator of cell fates in vertebrate development. Sci China Life Sci, In process, . (PMID: 24008385)

Wu, F. Li, R. Umino, Y. Kaczynski, T. J. Sapkota, D. Li, S. Xiang, M. Fliesler, S. J. Sherry, D. M. Gannon, M. Solessio, E. Mu, X. Onecut1 Is Essential for Horizontal Cell Genesis and Retinal Integrity. J Neurosci, 33:13053-13065, . (PMID: 23926259, PMCID: PMC3735885)

Xiang, M. Intrinsic control of mammalian retinogenesis. Cell Mol Life Sci, 70:2519-2532, . (PMID: 23064704, PMCID: PMC3566347)

Islam, M. M. Li, Y. Luo, H. Xiang, M. Cai, L. Meis1 regulates Foxn4 expression during retinal progenitor cell differentiation. Biol Open, 2:1125-1136, . (PMID: 24244849, PMCID: PMC3828759)

Zou, M. Li, S. Klein, W. H. Xiang, M. Brn3a/Pou4f1 regulates dorsal root ganglion sensory neuron specification and axonal projection into the spinal cord. Dev Biol, 364:114-127, . (PMID: 22326227, PMCID: PMC3299823)

Luo, H. Jin, K. Xie, Z. Qiu, F. Li, S. Zou, M. Cai, L. Hozumi, K. Shima, D. T. Xiang, M. Forkhead box N4 (Foxn4) activates Dll4-Notch signaling to suppress photoreceptor cell fates of early retinal progenitors. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 109:E553-E562, . (PMID: 22323600, PMCID: PMC3295323)

Ding, Q. Joshi, P. S. Xie, Z. H. Xiang, M. Gan, L. BARHL2 transcription factor regulates the ipsilateral/contralateral subtype divergence in postmitotic dI1 neurons of the developing spinal cord. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 109:1566-1571, . (PMID: 22307612, PMCID: PMC3277160)

Jin, K. Xiang, M. In vitro explant culture and related protocols for the study of mouse retinal development. Methods Mol Biol, 884:155-165, . (PMID: 22688704)

Jin, K. Xiang, M. Ebf1 deficiency causes increase of Muller cells in the retina and abnormal topographic projection at the optic chiasm. Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 414:539-544, . (PMID: 21971554, PMCID: PMC3205217)

Li, S. Xiang, M. Foxn4 influences alveologenesis during lung development. Dev Dyn, 240:1512-1517, . (PMID: 21438071, PMCID: PMC3092804)