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Darlene G. Gibbon, MD

Publications since 2011

Song, M. DiPaola, R. S. Cracchiolo, B. M. Gibbon, D. G. Hellmann, M. Nieves-Neira, W. Vaidya, A. Wagreich, A. R. Shih, W. J. Rodriguez-Rodriguez, L. Phase 2 Trial of Paclitaxel, 13-cis Retinoic Acid, and Interferon Alfa-2b in the Treatment of Advanced Stage or Recurrent Cervical Cancer. Int J Gynecol Cancer, 24:1636-1641, . (PMID: 25304678, PMCID: PMC4211961)

Nassiri, N. Kogan, S. Gibbon, D. G. Graham, A. Multimodal Endovascular Palliation for Femoral Arterial Blowout in the Setting of Metastatic Vulvar Carcinoma. Ann Vasc Surg, In process, . (PMID: 25305425)

Tan, A. R. Gibbon, D. G. Stein, M. N. Lindquist, D. Edenfield, J. W. Martin, J. C. Gregory, C. Suttle, A. B. Tada, H. Botbyl, J. Stephenson, J. J. Effects of ketoconazole and esomeprazole on the pharmacokinetics of pazopanib in patients with solid tumors. Cancer Chemother Pharmacol, 71:1635-1643, . (PMID: 23636448)

Tolcher, A. W. Messersmith, W. A. Mikulski, S. M. Papadopoulos, K. P. Kwak, E. L. Gibbon, D. G. Patnaik, A. Falchook, G. S. Dasari, A. Shapiro, G. I. Boylan, J. F. Xu, Z. X. Wang, K. Koehler, A. Song, J. Middleton, S. A. Deutsch, J. Demario, M. Kurzrock, R. Wheler, J. J. Phase I Study of RO4929097, a Gamma Secretase Inhibitor of Notch Signaling, in Patients With Refractory Metastatic or Locally Advanced Solid Tumors. J Clin Oncol, 30:2348-2353, . (PMID: 22529266)