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Debabrata Banerjee, PhD

Publications since 2011

Katanov, C. Lerrer, S. Liubomirski, Y. Leider-Trejo, L. Meshel, T. Bar, J. Feniger-Barish, R. Kamer, I. Soria-Artzi, G. Kahani, H. Banerjee, D. Ben-Baruch, A. Regulation of the inflammatory profile of stromal cells in human breast cancer: prominent roles for TNF-alpha and the NF-kappaB pathway. Stem Cell Res Ther, In process, . (PMID: 25928089)

Zhang, X. Liu, W. Wei, G. Z. Banerjee, D. Hu, Z. Li, J. Systematic Approach in Designing Rare-Earth-Free Hybrid Semiconductor Phosphors for General Lighting Applications. J Am Chem Soc, In process, . (PMID: 25216125)

Xie, X. Bansal, N. Shaik, T. Kerrigan, J. E. Minko, T. Garbuzenko, O. Abali, E. E. Johnson-Farley, N. Banerjee, D. Scotto, K. W. Bertino, J. R. A novel peptide that inhibits E2F transcription and regresses prostate tumor xenografts. Oncotarget, 5:901-907, . (PMID: 24658650, PMCID: PMC4011592)

Lin, S. Y. Dolfi, S. C. Amiri, S. Li, J. Budak-Alpdogan, T. Lee, K. C. Derenzo, C. Banerjee, D. Glod, J. P53 regulates the migration of mesenchymal stromal cells in response to the tumor microenvironment through both CXCL12-dependent and -independent mechanisms. Int J Oncol, 43:1817-1823, . (PMID: 24064862, PMCID: PMC3834256)

Xie, X. Kerrigan, J. E. Minko, T. Garbuzenko, O. Lee, K. C. Scarborough, A. Abali, E. E. Budak-Alpdogan, T. Johnson-Farley, N. Banerjee, D. Scotto, K. W. Bertino, J. R. Antitumor and modeling studies of a penetratin-peptide that targets E2F-1 in small cell lung cancer. Cancer Biol Ther, 14:742-751, . (PMID: 23792570)

Hsieh, Y. C. Tedeschi, P. Adebisi Lawal, R. Banerjee, D. Scotto, K. Kerrigan, J. E. Lee, K. C. Johnson-Farley, N. Bertino, J. R. Abali, E. E. Enhanced Degradation of Dihydrofolate Reductase through Inhibition of NAD Kinase by Nicotinamide Analogs. Mol Pharmacol, 83:339-353, . (PMID: 23197646, PMCID: PMC3558814)

Zhang, R. Gong, Q. Emge, T. J. Banerjee, D. Li, J. Design and synthesis of new 1D and 2D R-isophthalic acid-based coordination polymers (R = hydrogen or bromine). Chimia (Aarau), 67:393-396, . (PMID: 23945098)

Roussel, B. Johnson-Farley, N. Kerrigan, J. E. Scotto, K. W. Banerjee, D. Felczak, K. Pankiewicz, K. W. Gounder, M. Lin, H. Abali, E. E. Bertino, J. R. A second target of benzamide riboside: Dihydrofolate reductase. Cancer Biol Ther, 13:1290-1298, . (PMID: 22954684, PMCID: PMC3493437)

Mishra, P. J. Mishra, P. J. Banerjee, D. Cell-free derivatives from mesenchymal stem cells are effective in wound therapy. World J Stem Cells, 4:35-43, . (PMID: 22993660, PMCID: PMC3443710)

Rattigan, Y. I. Patel, B. B. Ackerstaff, E. Sukenick, G. Koutcher, J. A. Glod, J. W. Banerjee, D. Lactate is a mediator of metabolic cooperation between stromal carcinoma associated fibroblasts and glycolytic tumor cells in the tumor microenvironment. Exp Cell Res, 318:326-335, . (PMID: 22178238, PMCID: PMC3402174)

Barboza, N. M. Medina, D. J. Budak-Alpdogan, T. Aracil, M. Jimeno, J. M. Bertino, J. R. Banerjee, D. Plitidepsin (Aplidin) is a potent inhibitor of diffuse large cell and Burkitt lymphoma and is synergistic with rituximab. Cancer Biol Ther, 13:114-122, . (PMID: 22336911, PMCID: PMC3336068)

Anton, K. Banerjee, D. Glod, J. Macrophage-associated mesenchymal stem cells assume an activated, migratory, pro-inflammatory phenotype with increased IL-6 and CXCL10 secretion. PLoS One, 7:e35036, . (PMID: 22496888, PMCID: PMC3319627)

Koneru, R. Kobiler, D. Lehrer, S. Li, J. van Rooijen, N. Banerjee, D. Glod, J. Macrophages play a key role in early blood brain barrier reformation after hypothermic brain injury. Neurosci Lett, 501:148-151, . (PMID: 21782894)

Moroz, M. A. Kochetkov, T. Cai, S. Wu, J. Shamis, M. Nair, J. de Stanchina, E. Serganova, I. Schwartz, G. K. Banerjee, D. Bertino, J. R. Blasberg, R. G. Imaging colon cancer response following treatment with AZD1152: a preclinical analysis of [18F]fluoro-2-deoxyglucose and 3'-deoxy-3'-[18F]fluorothymidine imaging. Clin Cancer Res, 17:1099-1110, . (PMID: 21245090, PMCID: PMC3079195)

Das, K. M. Kong, Y. Bajpai, M. Kulkarni, D. Geng, X. Mishra, P. Banerjee, D. Hirshfield, K. Transformation of benign barrett's epithelium by repeated acid and bile exposure over 65 weeks: A novel in-vitro model. Int J Cancer, 128:274-282, . (PMID: 20309934)

Mishra, P. Banerjee, D. Ben-Baruch, A. Chemokines at the crossroads of tumor-fibroblast interactions that promote malignancy. J Leukoc Biol, 89:31-39, . (PMID: 20628066)

Mishra, P. J. Banerjee, D. Activation and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells. Methods Mol Biol, 717:245-253, . (PMID: 21370035)

Greco, S. J. Patel, S. A. Bryan, M. Pliner, L. F. Banerjee, D. Rameshwar, P. AMD3100-mediated production of interleukin-1 from mesenchymal stem cells is key to chemosensitivity of breast cancer cells. Am J Cancer Res, 1:701-715, . (PMID: 22016821, PMCID: PMC3195931)