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Debabrata Banerjee, PhD

Selected Publications

Rattigan,YI,  Patel, BB, Ackerstaff,A, Sukenick,G., Koutcher,JA., GlodJW., Banerjee,D. Lactate is a mediator of metabolic cooperation between stromal carcinoma ssociated fibroblast cells and glycolytic tumor cells in the tumor microenvironment. Exp Cell Res.  2012. 318(4):326-35.

Barboza,N., Medina,D.,Aracil,M., Jimeno,JM., Bertino,JR and Banerjee,D. Plitidepsin (Aplidin) is a Potent Inhibitor of Diffuse Large Cell and Burkitt's Lymphoma and is Synergistic with Rituximab. In Press. Cancer Biology and Therapy. 2012.

Mishra,PJ., Mishra,PK and Banerjee,D. Cell Free derivatives from mesenchymal Stem Cells are effective in wound therapy. World J of Stem Cells. 4(5) 35-43. 2012.

Anton K, Banerjee D, Glod J. Macrophage-associated mesenchymal stem cells assume an activated, migratory, pro-inflammatory phenotype with increased IL-6 and CXCL10 secretion. PLoS One. 2012;7(4):e35036. Epub 2012 Apr 4. PubMed PMID: 22496888; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3319627.

Greco SJ, Patel SA, Bryan M, Pliner LF, Banerjee D, Rameshwar P. (2011) AMD3100-mediated production of interleukin-1 from mesenchymal stem cells is key to chemosensitivity of breast cancer cells. Am J Cancer Res 2011; 1:701-715.

Koneru R, Kobiler D, Lehrer S, Li J, van Rooijen N, Banerjee D, Glod J. Macrophages play a key role in early blood brain barrier reformation after hypothermic brain injury. Neurosci Lett. 2011; 501(3):148-51.

Moroz MA, Kochetkov T, Cai S, Wu J, Shamis M, Nair J, de Stanchina E, Serganova I, Schwartz GK, Banerjee D, Bertino JR, Blasberg RG. Imaging colon cancer response following treatment with AZD1152: a preclinical analysis of [18F]fluoro-2-deoxyglucose and 3'-deoxy-3'-[18F]fluorothymidine imaging. Clin Cancer Res. 2011 Mar 1;17(5):1099-110

Rattigan,Y., Hsu,J-M., Mishra, P.J., Glod,J. and Banerjee,D. (2010) IL-6 mediated recruitment of mesenchymal stem cells to the hypoxic tumor milieu. Exp Cell Res. 316.3417-3424.

Picinich SC, Glod JW, Banerjee D. (2010) Protein kinase C zeta regulates interleukin-8-mediated stromal-derived factor-1 expression and migration of human mesenchymal stromal cells. Exp Cell Res.  316.593-602

Mishra PJ, Song B, Mishra PJ, Wang Y, Humeniuk R, Banerjee D, Merlino G, Ju J, Bertino JR .(2009) MiR-24 tumor suppressor activity is regulated independent of p53 and through a target site polymorphism. PLoS One. 2009 4(12):e8445.

Mishra PJ, Menon LG, Mishra PJ, Mayer-Kuckuk P, Bertino JR, Banerjee D. Translational modulation of proteins expressed from bicistronic vectors. Mol Imaging 2009 8(6):305-18.

Gao,H., Priebe,W., Glod J and Banerjee D. Activation of STAT3 and focal adhesion kinase FAK by SDF-1 is required for migration of human mesenchymal stem cells in response to tumor cell conditioned medium. Stem Cells. 2009 27(4):857-865

Humeniuk,R., Mishra,P.J., Bertino,J.R., and Banerjee,D. (2009) Epigenetic Reversal of Acquired Resistance  to 5-Fluorouracil Treatment. Mol. Can. Ther. 2009 8:1045-1054

Humeniuk R, Menon,L.G., Sowers,R., Gorlick,R., Pizzorno,G., Rode,W., Cheng,Y-C., Kemeny,N.E., Bertino,JR. and Banerjee,D. (2009) Decreased UMPK levels as mechanism of fluoropyrimidine resistance. Mol Can Ther. 8:1037-1044