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Monica A. Driscoll, PhD

Publications since 2011

Restif, C. Ibanez-Ventoso, C. Vora, M. M. Guo, S. Metaxas, D. Driscoll, M. CeleST: Computer Vision Software for Quantitative Analysis of C. elegans Swim Behavior Reveals Novel Features of Locomotion. PLoS Comput Biol, 10:e1003702, . (PMID: 25033081, PMCID: PMC4102393)

Kamat, S. Yeola, S. Bianchi, L. Driscoll, M. NRA-2, a nicalin homolog, regulates neuronal death by controlling surface localization of toxic C. elegans DEG/ENaCs. J Biol Chem, 289:11916-11926, . (PMID: 24567339, PMCID: PMC4002099)

Nicholas, P. K. Willard, S. Thompson, C. Dawson-Rose, C. Corless, I. B. Wantland, D. J. Sefcik, E. F. Nokes, K. M. Kirksey, K. M. Hamilton, M. J. Holzemer, W. L. Portillo, C. J. Rivero Mendez, M. Robinson, L. M. Rosa, M. Human, S. P. Cuca, Y. Huang, E. Maryland, M. Arudo, J. Eller, L. S. Stanton, M. A. Driscoll, M. Voss, J. G. Moezzi, S. Engagement with Care, Substance Use, and Adherence to Therapy in HIV/AIDS. AIDS Res Treat, 2014:675739, . (PMID: 24800065, PMCID: PMC3996287)

Scerbak, C. Vayndorf, E. M. Parker, J. A. Neri, C. Driscoll, M. Taylor, B. E. Insulin signaling in the aging of healthy and proteotoxically stressed mechanosensory neurons. Front Genet, 5:212, . (PMID: 25101108, PMCID: PMC4107846)

Chatterjee, I. Ibanez-Ventoso, C. Vijay, P. Singaravelu, G. Baldi, C. Bair, J. Ng, S. Smolyanskaya, A. Driscoll, M. Singson, A. Dramatic fertility decline in aging C. elegans males is associated with mating execution deficits rather than diminished sperm quality. Exp Gerontol, In process, . (PMID: 23916839)

Vora, M. Shah, M. Ostafi, S. Onken, B. Xue, J. Ni, J. Z. Gu, S. Driscoll, M. Deletion of microRNA-80 Activates Dietary Restriction to Extend C. elegans Healthspan and Lifespan. PLoS Genet, 9:e1003737, . (PMID: 24009527, PMCID: PMC3757059)

Ritter, A. D. Shen, Y. Fuxman Bass, J. Jeyaraj, S. Deplancke, B. Mukhopadhyay, A. Xu, J. Driscoll, M. Tissenbaum, H. A. Walhout, A. J. Complex expression dynamics and robustness in C. elegans insulin networks. Genome Res, 23:954-965, . (PMID: 23539137, PMCID: PMC3668363)

Reina, C. P. Driscoll, M. Gabel, C. V. Neuronal repair: Apoptotic proteins make good. Worm, 2:e22285, . (PMID: 24058867, PMCID: PMC3704441)

Toth, M. L. Melentijevic, I. Shah, L. Bhatia, A. Lu, K. Talwar, A. Naji, H. Ibanez-Ventoso, C. Ghose, P. Jevince, A. Xue, J. Herndon, L. A. Bhanot, G. Rongo, C. Hall, D. H. Driscoll, M. Neurite Sprouting and Synapse Deterioration in the Aging Caenorhabditis elegans Nervous System. J Neurosci, 32:8778-8790, . (PMID: 22745480, PMCID: PMC3427745)

Pinan-Lucarre, B. Gabel, C. V. Reina, C. P. Hulme, S. E. Shevkoplyas, S. S. Slone, R. D. Xue, J. Qiao, Y. Weisberg, S. Roodhouse, K. Sun, L. Whitesides, G. M. Samuel, A. Driscoll, M. The core apoptotic executioner proteins CED-3 and CED-4 promote initiation of neuronal regeneration in Caenorhabditis elegans. PLoS Biol, 10:e1001331, . (PMID: 22629231, PMCID: PMC3358320)

Yu, S. Driscoll, M. EGF signaling comes of age: promotion of healthy aging in C. elegans. Exp Gerontol, 46:129-134, . (PMID: 21074601)