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Edward Arnold, PhD

Publications since 2011

Miller, M. T. Tuske, S. Das, K. DeStefano, J. Arnold, E. Structure of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase bound to a novel 38-mer hairpin template-primer DNA aptamer. Protein Sci, In process, . (PMID: 26296781)

Das, K. Arnold, E. Negative-Strand RNA Virus L Proteins: One Machine, Many Activities. Cell, 162:239-241, . (PMID: 26186183)

Goswami, D. Tuske, S. Pascal, B. D. Bauman, J. D. Patel, D. Arnold, E. Griffin, P. R. Differential Isotopic Enrichment To Facilitate Characterization of Asymmetric Multimeric Proteins Using Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry. Anal Chem, In process, . (PMID: 25763479)

Balzarini, J. Das, K. Bernatchez, J. A. Martinez, S. E. Ngure, M. Keane, S. Ford, A. Maguire, N. Mullins, N. John, J. Kim, Y. Dehaen, W. Vande Voorde, J. Liekens, S. Naesens, L. Gotte, M. Maguire, A. R. Arnold, E. Alpha-carboxy nucleoside phosphonates as universal nucleoside triphosphate mimics. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, In process, . (PMID: 25733891)

Sagong, H. Y. Bauman, J. D. Patel, D. Das, K. Arnold, E. LaVoie, E. J. Phenyl Substituted 4-Hydroxypyridazin-3(2H)-ones and 5-Hydroxypyrimidin-4(3H)-ones: Inhibitors of Influenza A Endonuclease. J Med Chem, 57:8086-8098, . (PMID: 25225968, PMCID: PMC4191602)

Singh, K. Flores, J. A. Kirby, K. A. Neogi, U. Sonnerborg, A. Hachiya, A. Das, K. Arnold, E. McArthur, C. Parniak, M. Sarafianos, S. G. Drug Resistance in Non-B Subtype HIV-1: Impact of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors. Viruses, 6:3535-3562, . (PMID: 25254383, PMCID: PMC4189038)

Himmel, D. M. Myshakina, N. S. Ilina, T. Van Ry, A. Ho, W. C. Parniak, M. A. Arnold, E. Structure of a Dihydroxycoumarin Active-Site Inhibitor in Complex with the RNase H Domain of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase and Structure-Activity Analysis of Inhibitor Analogs. J Mol Biol, 426:2617-2631, . (PMID: 24840303, PMCID: PMC4116331)

Abram, M. E. Ferris, A. L. Das, K. Quinones, O. Shao, W. Tuske, S. Alvord, W. G. Arnold, E. Hughes, S. H. Mutations in HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Affect the Errors Made in a Single Cycle of Viral Replication. J Virol, 88:7589-7601, . (PMID: 24760888, PMCID: PMC4054409)

Vijayan, R. S. Arnold, E. Das, K. Molecular dynamics study of HIV-1 RT-DNA-nevirapine complexes explains NNRTI inhibition and resistance by connection mutations. Proteins, 82:815-829, . (PMID: 24174331)

Zhang, Y. Degen, D. Ho, M. X. Sineva, E. Ebright, K. Y. Ebright, Y. W. Mekler, V. Vahedian-Movahed, H. Feng, Y. Yin, R. Tuske, S. Irschik, H. Jansen, R. Maffioli, S. Donadio, S. Arnold, E. Ebright, R. H. GE23077 binds to the RNA polymerase 'i' and 'i+1' sites and prevents the binding of initiating nucleotides. Elife, 3:e02450, . (PMID: 24755292, PMCID: PMC3994528)

Degen, D. Feng, Y. Zhang, Y. Ebright, K. Y. Ebright, Y. W. Gigliotti, M. Vahedian-Movahed, H. Mandal, S. Talaue, M. Connell, N. Arnold, E. Fenical, W. Ebright, R. H. Transcription inhibition by the depsipeptide antibiotic salinamide A. Elife, 3:e02451, . (PMID: 24843001, PMCID: PMC4029172)

Das, K. Martinez, S. E. Bandwar, R. P. Arnold, E. Structures of HIV-1 RT-RNA/DNA ternary complexes with dATP and nevirapine reveal conformational flexibility of RNA/DNA: insights into requirements for RNase H cleavage. Nucleic Acids Res, 42:8125-8137, . (PMID: 24880687, PMCID: PMC4081091)

Patel, D. Bauman, J. D. Arnold, E. Advantages of crystallographic fragment screening: Functional and mechanistic insights from a powerful platform for efficient drug discovery. Prog Biophys Mol Biol, 116:92-100, . (PMID: 25117499)

Arnold, E. Fragment Screening for Drug Discovery: Efficient Approaches for Exploring Chemical Space. Prog Biophys Mol Biol, 116:81, . (PMID: 25433582)

Das, K. Sarafianos, S. G. Arnold, E. Structural requirements for RNA degradation by HIV-1 reverse transcriptase. Nat Struct Mol Biol, 20:1341-1342, . (PMID: 24304910)

Bauman, J. D. Patel, D. Baker, S. F. Vijayan, R. S. Xiang, A. Parhi, A. K. Martinez-Sobrido, L. Lavoie, E. J. Das, K. Arnold, E. Crystallographic Fragment Screening and Structure-Based Optimization Yields a New Class of Influenza Endonuclease Inhibitors. ACS Chem Biol, 8:2501-2508, . (PMID: 23978130, PMCID: PMC3928712)

Parhi, A. K. Xiang, A. Bauman, J. D. Patel, D. Vijayan, R. S. Das, K. Arnold, E. Lavoie, E. J. Phenyl substituted 3-hydroxypyridin-2(1H)-ones: Inhibitors of influenza A endonuclease. Bioorg Med Chem, 21:6435-6446, . (PMID: 24055080)

Kaul, M. Zhang, Y. Parhi, A. K. Lavoie, E. J. Tuske, S. Arnold, E. Kerrigan, J. E. Pilch, D. S. Enterococcal and streptococcal resistance to PC190723 and related compounds: Molecular insights from a FtsZ mutational analysis. Biochimie, 95:1880-1887, . (PMID: 23806423)

Bollini, M. Frey, K. M. Cisneros, J. A. Spasov, K. A. Das, K. Bauman, J. D. Arnold, E. Anderson, K. S. Jorgensen, W. L. Extension into the entrance channel of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase-Crystallography and enhanced solubility. Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 23:5209-5212, . (PMID: 23899617, PMCID: PMC3761378)

Sagong, H. Y. Parhi, A. Bauman, J. D. Patel, D. Vijayan, R. S. Das, K. Arnold, E. LaVoie, E. J. 3-Hydroxyquinolin-2(1H)-ones As Inhibitors of Influenza A Endonuclease. ACS Med Chem Lett, 4:547-550, . (PMID: 24936242, PMCID: PMC4056971)

Bauman, J. D. Patel, D. Dharia, C. Fromer, M. Ahmed, S. Frenkel, Y. Eck, J. T. Ho, W. Das, K. Shatkin, A. Arnold, E. Detecting allosteric sites of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase by X-ray crystallographic fragment screening. J Med Chem, 56:2738-2746, . (PMID: 23342998)

Das, K. Arnold, E. HIV-1 reverse transcriptase and antiviral drug resistance. Part 1. Curr Opin Virol, 3:111-118, . (PMID: 23602471)

Das, K. Arnold, E. HIV-1 reverse transcriptase and antiviral drug resistance. Part 2. Curr Opin Virol, 3:119-128, . (PMID: 23602470)

Kuroda, D. G. Bauman, J. D. Challa, J. R. Patel, D. Troxler, T. Das, K. Arnold, E. Hochstrasser, R. M. Snapshot of the equilibrium dynamics of a drug bound to HIV-1 reverse transcriptase. Nat Chem, 5:174-181, . (PMID: 23422558, PMCID: PMC3607437)

Yi, G. Lapelosa, M. Bradley, R. Mariano, T. M. Dietz, D. E. Hughes, S. Wrin, T. Petropoulos, C. Gallicchio, E. Levy, R. M. Arnold, E. Arnold, G. F. Chimeric Rhinoviruses Displaying MPER Epitopes Elicit Anti-HIV Neutralizing Responses. PLoS One, 8:e72205, . (PMID: 24039745, PMCID: PMC3765159)

Kaul, M. Parhi, A. K. Zhang, Y. Lavoie, E. J. Tuske, S. Arnold, E. Kerrigan, J. E. Pilch, D. S. A Bactericidal Guanidinomethyl Biaryl That Alters the Dynamics of Bacterial FtsZ Polymerization. J Med Chem, 55:10160-10176, . (PMID: 23050700)

Zhang, Y. Feng, Y. Chatterjee, S. Tuske, S. Ho, M. X. Arnold, E. Ebright, R. H. Structural Basis of Transcription Initiation. Science, 338:1076-1080, . (PMID: 23086998, PMCID: PMC3593053)

Das, K. Martinez, S. E. Bauman, J. D. Arnold, E. HIV-1 reverse transcriptase complex with DNA and nevirapine reveals non-nucleoside inhibition mechanism. Nat Struct Mol Biol, 19:253-259, . (PMID: 22266819, PMCID: PMC3359132)

Bauman, J. D. Patel, D. Arnold, E. Fragment screening and HIV therapeutics. Top Curr Chem, 317:181-200, . (PMID: 21972022)

Felts, A. K. Labarge, K. Bauman, J. D. Patel, D. V. Himmel, D. M. Arnold, E. Parniak, M. A. Levy, R. M. Identification of alternative binding sites for inhibitors of HIV-1 ribonuclease H through comparative analysis of virtual enrichment studies. J Chem Inf Model, 51:1986-1998, . (PMID: 21714567, PMCID: PMC3159817)

Chung, S. Himmel, D. M. Jiang, J. K. Wojtak, K. Bauman, J. D. Rausch, J. W. Wilson, J. A. Beutler, J. A. Thomas, C. J. Arnold, E. Le Grice, S. F. Synthesis, activity, and structural analysis of novel alpha-hydroxytropolone inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus reverse transcriptase-associated ribonuclease H. J Med Chem, 54:4462-4473, . (PMID: 21568335, PMCID: PMC3133734)

Chu, C. Das, K. Tyminski, J. R. Bauman, J. D. Guan, R. Qiu, W. Montelione, G. T. Arnold, E. Shatkin, A. J. Structure of the guanylyltransferase domain of human mRNA capping enzyme. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 108:10104-10108, . (PMID: 21636784, PMCID: PMC3121809)

Das, K. Bauman, J. D. Rim, A. S. Dharia, C. Clark, A. D. Jr Camarasa, M. J. Balzarini, J. Arnold, E. Crystal structure of tert-butyldimethylsilyl-spiroaminooxathioledioxide-thymine (TSAO-T) in complex with HIV-1 reverse transcriptase (RT) redefines the elastic limits of the non-nucleoside inhibitor-binding pocket. J Med Chem, 54:2727-2737, . (PMID: 21446702, PMCID: PMC3361896)