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Daniel Hart, MD

Publications since 2011

Edmond, S. L. Cutrone, G. Werneke, M. Ward, J. Grigsby, D. Weinberg, J. Oswald, W. Oliver, D. McGill, T. Hart, D. L. Association Between Centralization and Directional Preference and Functional and Pain Outcomes in Patients With Neck Pain. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther, 44:68-75, . (PMID: 24261929)

Atkins, R. Sulik, M. J. Hart, D. The association of individual characteristics and neighborhood poverty on the dental care of American adolescents. J Public Health Dent, 72:313-319, . (PMID: 22536980)

Atkins, R. Sulik, M. J. Hart, D. Ayres, C. Read, N. The effects of school poverty on adolescents' sexual health knowledge. Res Nurs Health, 35:231-241, . (PMID: 22431188, PMCID: PMC3348397)

Marmorstein, N. R. Hart, D. Interactions Between MAOA Genotype and Receipt of Public Assistance: Predicting Change in Depressive Symptoms and Body Mass Index. J Res Adolesc, 21:619-630, . (PMID: 21949471, PMCID: PMC3178327)