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Li Cai, PhD

Publications since 2011

Hao, H. Li, Y. Tzatzalos, E. Gilbert, J. Zala, D. Bhaumik, M. Cai, L. Identification of a transient Sox5 expressing progenitor population in the neonatal ventral forebrain by a novel cis-regulatory element. Dev Biol, 393:183-193, . (PMID: 24954155, PMCID: PMC4167819)

Li, Y. Hao, H. Tzatzalos, E. Lin, R. K. Doh, S. Liu, L. F. Lyu, Y. L. Cai, L. Topoisomerase IIbeta is required for proper retinal development and survival of postmitotic cells. Biol Open, 3:172-184, . (PMID: 24463367, PMCID: PMC3925320)

Smith, S. M. Lyu, Y. L. Cai, L. NF-kappaB Affects Proliferation and Invasiveness of Breast Cancer Cells by Regulating CD44 Expression. PLoS One, 9:e106966, . (PMID: 25184276, PMCID: PMC4153718)

Islam, M. M. Li, Y. Luo, H. Xiang, M. Cai, L. Meis1 regulates Foxn4 expression during retinal progenitor cell differentiation. Biol Open, 2:1125-1136, . (PMID: 24244849, PMCID: PMC3828759)

Tzatzalos, E. Smith, S. M. Doh, S. T. Hao, H. Li, Y. Wu, A. Grumet, M. Cai, L. A cis-element in the Notch1 locus is involved in the regulation of gene expression in interneuron progenitors. Dev Biol, 372:217-228, . (PMID: 23022658, PMCID: PMC3518388)

Cai, L. Lyu, Y. L. Analysis of Retinal Development and Diseases Using RNA-Seq. Cell Dev Biol, 1:, . (PMID: 23667856, PMCID: PMC3648879)

Luo, H. Jin, K. Xie, Z. Qiu, F. Li, S. Zou, M. Cai, L. Hozumi, K. Shima, D. T. Xiang, M. Forkhead box N4 (Foxn4) activates Dll4-Notch signaling to suppress photoreceptor cell fates of early retinal progenitors. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 109:E553-E562, . (PMID: 22323600, PMCID: PMC3295323)

Islam, M. M. Doh, S. T. Cai, L. In ovo electroporation in embryonic chick retina. J Vis Exp, :, . (PMID: 22330044)

Smith, S. M. Cai, L. Cell Specific CD44 Expression in Breast Cancer Requires the Interaction of AP-1 and NFkappaB with a Novel cis-Element. PLoS One, 7:e50867, . (PMID: 23226410, PMCID: PMC3511339)

So, J. Y. Lee, H. J. Smolarek, A. K. Paul, S. Wang, C. X. Maehr, H. Uskokovic, M. Zheng, X. Conney, A. H. Cai, L. Liu, F. Suh, N. A novel Gemini vitamin D analog represses the expression of a stem cell marker CD44 in breast cancer. Mol Pharmacol, 79:360-367, . (PMID: 21115634, PMCID: PMC3061370)

Wu, T. Y. Khor, T. O. Saw, C. L. Loh, S. C. Chen, A. I. Lim, S. S. Park, J. H. Cai, L. Kong, A. N. Anti-inflammatory/Anti-oxidative stress activities and differential regulation of Nrf2-mediated genes by non-polar fractions of tea Chrysanthemum zawadskii and licorice Glycyrrhiza uralensis. AAPS J, 13:1-13, . (PMID: 20967519, PMCID: PMC3032091)