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Sung Kim, MD

Publications since 2011

Meyer, J. E. Dilling, T. J. Amdur, R. J. Strasser, J. F. Tendulkar, R. Lee, W. R. Jani, A. B. Elshaikh, M. Poppe, M. M. Takita, C. Currey, A. Cheng, S. K. Jagsi, R. Kuo, J. V. Chen, A. M. Dragun, A. E. Bradley, K. Beriwal, S. Smith, R. P. Chen, R. C. Rosenzweig, K. Kim, S. Mehta, K. In regard to Wu and Vapiwala et al. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 94:858-859, . (PMID: 26972659)

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Kim, S. Head and Neck Radiation Oncology: Is Busier Better? J Clin Oncol, In process, . (PMID: 26729436)

Jabbour, S. K. Kim, S. Haider, S. A. Xu, X. Wu, A. Surakanti, S. Aisner, J. Langenfeld, J. Yue, N. J. Haffty, B. G. Zou, W. Reduction in Tumor Volume by Cone Beam Computed Tomography Predicts Overall Survival in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treated With Chemoradiation Therapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 92:627-633, . (PMID: 26068495)

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Kang, J. H. Ha, Y. S. Kim, S. Yu, J. Patel, N. Parihar, J. S. Salmasi, A. H. Kim, W. J. Kim, I. Y. Concern for overtreatment using the AUA/ASTRO guideline on adjuvant radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy. BMC Urol, 14:30, . (PMID: 24708639, PMCID: PMC4005471)

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Zhang, M. Qin, S. Chen, T. Kim, S. Jabbour, S. Haffty, B. Yue, N. J. A Clinical Objective IMRT QA Method Based on Portal Dosimetry and Electronic Portal Imager Device (EPID) Measurement. Technol Cancer Res Treat, 12:145-150, . (PMID: 23289479)

Kim, S. Moore, D. F. Shih, W. Lin, Y. Li, H. Shao, Y. H. Shen, S. Lu-Yao, G. L. Severe Genitourinary Toxicity Following Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer-How Long Does it Last? J Urol, 189:116-121, . (PMID: 23164376)

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Yue, N. J. Patel, A. N. Haffty, B. G. Kim, S. Efficacy of fiducial marker-based image-guided radiation therapy in prostate tomotherapy and potential dose coverage improvement using a patient positioning optimization method. Pract Radiat Oncol, 2:138-144, . (PMID: 24674089)

Chowdhury, N. Toth, R. Chappelow, J. Kim, S. Motwani, S. Punekar, S. Lin, H. Both, S. Vapiwala, N. Hahn, S. Madabhushi, A. Concurrent segmentation of the prostate on MRI and CT via linked statistical shape models for radiotherapy planning. Med Phys, 39:2214-2228, . (PMID: 22482643, PMCID: PMC3337664)

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Kim, Y. J. Yoon, H. Y. Kim, S. K. Kim, Y. W. Kim, E. J. Kim, I. Y. Kim, W. J. EFEMP1 as a novel DNA methylation marker for prostate cancer: array-based DNA methylation and expression profiling. Clin Cancer Res, 17:4523-4530, . (PMID: 21571867)

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