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Sung Kim, MD

Publications since 2011

Horibe, Y. Yang, J. Cho, Y. H. Luo, X. Kim, S. B. Oh, Y. S. Huang, F. T. Asada, T. Tanimura, M. Jeong, D. Cheong, S. W. Color theorems, chiral domain topology, and magnetic properties of Fe(x)TaS2. J Am Chem Soc, 136:8368-8373, . (PMID: 24841114)

Reka, A. K. Chen, G. Jones, R. C. Amunugama, R. Kim, S. Karnovsky, A. Standiford, T. J. Beer, D. G. Omenn, G. S. Keshamouni, V. G. Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition Associated Secretory Phenotype Predicts Survival in Lung Cancer Patients. Carcinogenesis, 35:1292-1300, . (PMID: 24510113, PMCID: PMC4043235)

Khan, A. J. Milgrom, S. A. Barnard, N. Higgins, S. A. Moran, M. Shahzad, H. Kim, S. Goyal, S. Al-Faraj, F. Kirstein, L. Kearney, T. Haffty, B. G. Basal Subtype, as Approximated by Triple-Negative Phenotype, is Associated with Locoregional Recurrence in a Case-Control Study of Women with 0-3 Positive Lymph Nodes After Mastectomy. Ann Surg Oncol, 21:1963-1968, . (PMID: 24562930)

Kim, S. Noveck, H. Galt, J. Hogshire, L. Willett, L. O'Rourke, K. Searching for answers to clinical questions using google versus evidence-based summary resources: a randomized controlled crossover study. Acad Med, 89:940-943, . (PMID: 24871247)

Colangeli, R. Arcus, V. L. Cursons, R. T. Ruthe, A. Karalus, N. Coley, K. Manning, S. D. Kim, S. Marchiano, E. Alland, D. Whole Genome Sequencing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Reveals Slow Growth and Low Mutation Rates during Latent Infections in Humans. PLoS One, 9:e91024, . (PMID: 24618815, PMCID: PMC3949705)

Kang, J. H. Ha, Y. S. Kim, S. Yu, J. Patel, N. Parihar, J. S. Salmasi, A. H. Kim, W. J. Kim, I. Y. Concern for overtreatment using the AUA/ASTRO guideline on adjuvant radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy. BMC Urol, 14:30, . (PMID: 24708639, PMCID: PMC4005471)

Kim, S. Y. Determining the Number of Latent Classes in Single- and Multi-Phase Growth Mixture Models. Struct Equ Modeling, 21:263-279, . (PMID: 24729675, PMCID: PMC3979564)

Safi, H. Lingaraju, S. Amin, A. Kim, S. Jones, M. Holmes, M. McNeil, M. Peterson, S. N. Chatterjee, D. Fleischmann, R. Alland, D. Evolution of high-level ethambutol-resistant tuberculosis through interacting mutations in decaprenylphosphoryl-beta-D-arabinose biosynthetic and utilization pathway genes. Nat Genet, 45:1190-1197, . (PMID: 23995136)

Kim, Y. J. Yoon, H. Y. Kim, J. S. Kang, H. W. Min, B. D. Kim, S. K. Ha, Y. S. Kim, I. Y. Ryu, K. H. Lee, S. C. Kim, W. J. HOXA9, ISL1 and ALDH1A3 methylation patterns as prognostic markers for nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer: array-based DNA methylation and expression profiling. Int J Cancer, 133:1135-1142, . (PMID: 23436614)

Kim, J. H. Ha, Y. S. Jeong, S. J. Kim, S. Kim, W. J. Jang, T. L. Kim, I. Y. Factors related to patient-perceived satisfaction after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy based on the expanded prostate cancer index composite survey. Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis, In process, . (PMID: 23917307)

Clarke, N. Kim, S. Y. White, H. R. Jiao, Y. Mun, E. Y. Associations between alcohol use and alcohol-related negative consequences among black and white college men and women. J Stud Alcohol Drugs, 74:521-531, . (PMID: 23739015, PMCID: PMC3711344)

Shao, Y. H. Kim, S. Moore, D. F. Shih, W. Lin, Y. Stein, M. Kim, I. Y. Lu-Yao, G. L. Cancer-specific Survival After Metastasis Following Primary Radical Prostatectomy Compared with Radiation Therapy in Prostate Cancer Patients: Results of a Population-based, Propensity Score-Matched Analysis. Eur Urol, In process, . (PMID: 23759328)

Zhang, M. Qin, S. Chen, T. Kim, S. Jabbour, S. Haffty, B. Yue, N. J. A Clinical Objective IMRT QA Method Based on Portal Dosimetry and Electronic Portal Imager Device (EPID) Measurement. Technol Cancer Res Treat, 12:145-150, . (PMID: 23289479)

Kim, S. Wu, K. P. Baum, J. Fast hydrogen exchange affects (15)N relaxation measurements in intrinsically disordered proteins. J Biomol NMR, 55:249-256, . (PMID: 23314729, PMCID: PMC3615062)

Elenein, R. A. Naik, S. Kim, S. Punia, V. Jin, K. Teaching neuroimages: Cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy: a rare adult form. Neurology, 80:e69-e70, . (PMID: 23382373)

Kim, S. Moore, D. F. Shih, W. Lin, Y. Li, H. Shao, Y. H. Shen, S. Lu-Yao, G. L. Severe Genitourinary Toxicity Following Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer-How Long Does it Last? J Urol, 189:116-121, . (PMID: 23164376)

Kim, S. Willett, L. Hughes, F. Sunderram, J. Walker, J. A. Shea, J. A. Pharmacist-led workshops to enhance pharmacotherapy knowledge for medical students. Teach Learn Med, 25:118-121, . (PMID: 23530672)

Qin, S. Zhang, M. Kim, S. Chen, T. Kim, L. H. Haffty, B. G. Yue, N. J. A systematic approach to statistical analysis in dosimetry and patient-specific IMRT plan verification measurements. Radiat Oncol, 8:225, . (PMID: 24074185, PMCID: PMC3852372)

Kim, S. J. Destefano, M. A. Oh, W. J. Wu, C. C. Vega-Cotto, N. M. Finlan, M. Liu, D. Su, B. Jacinto, E. mTOR Complex 2 Regulates Proper Turnover of Insulin Receptor Substrate-1 via the Ubiquitin Ligase Subunit Fbw8. Mol Cell, 48:875-887, . (PMID: 23142081, PMCID: PMC3534931)

Stone, R. C. Kim, S. Barnes, B. J. Aviv, A. Diverging Antioxidative Responses to IGF-1 in Cultured Human Skin Fibroblasts Versus Vascular Endothelial Cells. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci, 67:939-946, . (PMID: 22466317, PMCID: PMC3536545)

Kim, S. C. Gostin, L. O. Cole, T. B. Child abuse reporting: rethinking child protection. JAMA, 308:37-38, . (PMID: 22760287)

Cui, Y. Kim, S. N. Naik, R. R. McAlpine, M. C. Biomimetic peptide nanosensors. Acc Chem Res, 45:696-704, . (PMID: 22292890)

Sinha, A. Kim, S. Ginsberg, G. Franklin, H. Kohberger, R. Strutton, D. Madhi, S. A. Griffiths, U. K. Klugman, K. P. Economic burden of acute lower respiratory tract infection in South African children. Paediatr Int Child Health, 32:65-73, . (PMID: 22595212)

Chowdhury, N. Toth, R. Chappelow, J. Kim, S. Motwani, S. Punekar, S. Lin, H. Both, S. Vapiwala, N. Hahn, S. Madabhushi, A. Concurrent segmentation of the prostate on MRI and CT via linked statistical shape models for radiotherapy planning. Med Phys, 39:2214-2228, . (PMID: 22482643, PMCID: PMC3337664)

Cheriyan, J. Kim, S. Wolansky, L. J. Cook, S. D. Cadavid, D. Impact of inflammation on brain volume in multiple sclerosis. Arch Neurol, 69:82-88, . (PMID: 22232347)

Lee, G. H. Kim, S. H. Homayouni, R. D'Arcangelo, G. Dab2ip regulates neuronal migration and neurite outgrowth in the developing neocortex. PLoS One, 7:e46592, . (PMID: 23056358, PMCID: PMC3464295)

Kaplan, J. B. Izano, E. A. Gopal, P. Karwacki, M. T. Kim, S. Bose, J. L. Bayles, K. W. Horswill, A. R. Low levels of beta-lactam antibiotics induce extracellular DNA release and biofilm formation in Staphylococcus aureus. MBio, 3:e00198-e00112, . (PMID: 22851659, PMCID: PMC3419523)

Kim, S. H. Kim, J. O. The benefit of surface uniformity for encoding boundary features in visual working memory. J Exp Psychol Hum Percept Perform, 37:1767-1783, . (PMID: 21967272)

Kim, S. Shen, S. Moore, D. F. Shih, W. Lin, Y. Li, H. Dolan, M. Shao, Y. H. Lu-Yao, G. L. Late gastrointestinal toxicities following radiation therapy for prostate cancer. Eur Urol, 60:908-916, . (PMID: 21684064, PMCID: PMC3185133)

Veliath, E. Kim, S. Gaffney, B. L. Jones, R. A. Synthesis and characterization of C8 analogs of c-di-GMP. Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids, 30:961-978, . (PMID: 22060558)

Cadavid, D. Kim, S. Peng, B. Skurnick, J. Younes, M. Hill, J. Wolansky, L. J. Cook, S. D. Clinical consequences of MRI activity in treated multiple sclerosis. Mult Scler, 17:1113-1121, . (PMID: 21613336)

Kim, S. Arduino, J. M. Roberts, C. C. Marsico, M. Liaw, K. L. Skjeldestad, F. E. Incidence and predictors of human papillomavirus-6, -11, -16, and -18 infection in young norwegian women. Sex Transm Dis, 38:587-597, . (PMID: 21301390)

Kim, S. Eleff, M. Nicolaou, N. Cetuximab as primary treatment for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma to the neck. Head Neck, 33:286-288, . (PMID: 19953623)

Gostin, L. O. Kim, S. C. Ethical allocation of preexposure HIV prophylaxis. JAMA, 305:191-192, . (PMID: 21224461)

Willett, L. R. Rosevear, G. C. Kim, S. A trial of team-based versus small-group learning for second-year medical students: does the size of the small group make a difference? Teach Learn Med, 23:28-30, . (PMID: 21240779)