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Hana A. Aviv, PhD

Publications since 2011

Joshi, S. Tolkunov, D. Aviv, H. Hakimi, A. A. Yao, M. Hsieh, J. J. Ganesan, S. Chan, C. S. White, E. The Genomic Landscape of Renal Oncocytoma Identifies a Metabolic Barrier to Tumorigenesis. Cell Rep, 13:1895-1908, . (PMID: 26655904)

Medina, D. J. Abass-Shereef, J. Walton, K. Goodell, L. Aviv, H. Strair, R. K. Budak-Alpdogan, T. Cobblestone-Area Forming Cells Derived from Patients with Mantle Cell Lymphoma Are Enriched for CD133+ Tumor-Initiating Cells. PLoS One, 9:e91042, . (PMID: 24722054, PMCID: PMC3982953)

Beach, D. F. Barnoski, B. L. Aviv, H. Patel, V. Schwarting, R. Strair, R. Lachant, N. A. Duplication of chromosome 1 [dup(1)(q21q32)] as the sole cytogenetic abnormality in a patient previously treated for AML. Cancer Genet, 205:665-668, . (PMID: 23168243)

Bajpai, M. Aviv, H. Das, K. M. Prolonged exposure to acid and bile induces chromosome abnormalities that precede malignant transformation of benign Barrett's epithelium. Mol Cytogenet, 5:43, . (PMID: 23194200, PMCID: PMC3564717)

Hudacko, R. May, M. Aviv, H. A new translocation between chromosomes 6 and 9 helps to establish diagnosis of renal oncocytoma. Ann Diagn Pathol, 15:278-281, . (PMID: 20952287)