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Kiran K. Chada, Dphil (Oxon)

Publications since 2011

Frankenberger, C. Rabe, D. Bainer, R. Sankarasharma, D. Chada, K. Krausz, T. Gilad, Y. Becker, L. Rosner, M. R. Metastasis suppressors regulate the tumor microenvironment by blocking recruitment of pro-metastatic tumor-associated macrophages. Cancer Res, In process, . (PMID: 26238785)

Sun, M. Gomes, S. Chen, P. Frankenberger, C. A. Sankarasharma, D. Chung, C. H. Chada, K. K. Rosner, M. R. RKIP and HMGA2 regulate breast tumor survival and metastasis through lysyl oxidase and syndecan-2. Oncogene, 33:3528-3537, . (PMID: 23975428, PMCID: PMC4096871)

Morishita, A. Zaidi, M. R. Mitoro, A. Sankarasharma, D. Szabolcs, M. Okada, Y. D'Armiento, J. Chada, K. HMGA2 is a driver of tumor metastasis. Cancer Res, 73:4289-4299, . (PMID: 23722545, PMCID: PMC3715567)

Sun, M. Song, C. X. Huang, H. Frankenberger, C. A. Sankarasharma, D. Gomes, S. Chen, P. Chen, J. Chada, K. K. He, C. Rosner, M. R. HMGA2/TET1/HOXA9 signaling pathway regulates breast cancer growth and metastasis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110:9920-9925, . (PMID: 23716660, PMCID: PMC3683728)

Zong, Y. Huang, J. Sankarasharma, D. Morikawa, T. Fukayama, M. Epstein, J. I. Chada, K. K. Witte, O. N. Stromal epigenetic dysregulation is sufficient to initiate mouse prostate cancer via paracrine Wnt signaling. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 109:E3395-E3404, . (PMID: 23184966, PMCID: PMC3528570)