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Nan Gao, PhD

Selected Publications

  1. Sakamori R, Yu S, Zhang X, Hoffman A, Sun J, Das S, Vedula P, Li G, Fu J, Walker F, Yang CS, Zheng Y, Hsu W, Yu D, Shen L, Rodriguez A, Taketo MM, Bonder EM, Verzi MP, and Gao N. Inhibition of cell division cycle 42 suppresses progression of incipient intestinal tumor cells. Cancer Research (2014) (In Press).
  2. Chahar S, Gandhi V, Yu S, Desai K, Cowper-Sallari R, Kim Y, Musolf A, Kumar N, Hoffman A, Perekatt A, Kumar N, Londono D, Vazquez B, Serrano L, Shin H, Lupien M, Gao N, and Verzi MP. Chromatin Profiling Reveals Regulatory Network Shifts and a Protective Role for HNF4A during Colitis. Molecular and Cellular Biology (2014) pii: MCB.00349-14.
  3. Yu S, Nie Y, Knowles B, Sakamori R, Stypulkowski E, Patel C, Douard V, Ferraris R, Das S, Bonder EM, Goldenring JR, Ip T, and Gao N. Toll-like Receptor Sorting by Rab11 Endosome in Enterocyte Maintains Intestinal Epithelial-Microbial Homeostasis. EMBO Journal (2014) Jul 24. pii: e201487888. .
  4. Perekatt AO, Valdez MJ, Davila M, Hoffman A, Bonder EM, Gao N, and Verzi MP. YY1 is indispensable for Lgr5+ intestinal stem cell renewal. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2014) May 27;111(21):7695-700. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1400128111.
  5. DeGraff D, Grabowska M, Case T, Yu X, Herrick M, Hayward W, Strand D, Cates J, Hayward S, Gao N, Walter M, Buttyan R, Kaestner KH, and Matusik RJ. Foxa1 deletion in luminal epithelium causes prostatic hyperplasia and alteration of differentiated phenotype. Laboratory Investigation (2014) Jul;94(7):726-39.
  6. Ren J, Yu S, Gao N, Zou Q. Measurement of Rate-Dependent Elastic Modulus of Live Mammalian Cell Undergoing the Nutrient-Deprivation Process Using Atomic Force Microscope: A Control-based Approach. Physical Review E. (2013) 88, 052711.
  7. Das S, Yu S, Sakamori R, Stypulkowski E, Gao N. Wntless in Wnt Secretion: Molecular, Cellular and Genetic Aspects. Frontiers in Biology (2012); 7(6): 587-593. PMCID: PMC3578231.
  8. Sakamori R, Das S, Yu S, Feng S, Stypulkowski E, Guan Y, Douard V, Tang W, Ferraris RP, Harada A, Brakebusch C, Guo W, Gao N. Cdc42 and Rab8a are Critical for Intestinal Stem Cell Division, Survival, and Differentiation in Mice. Journal of Clinical Investigation (2012) 122(3):1052-65.
  9. Gao N, Davuluri G, Gong W, Seiler C, Lorent K, Furth EE, Kaestner KH, Pack M. The nuclear pore complex protein Elys is required for genome stability in mouse intestinal epithelial progenitor cells. Gastroenterology (2011) 140(5):1547-55.
  10. Gao N and Kaestner KH. Cdx2 regulates endo-lysosomal function and epithelial cell polarity. Genes & Development (2010); 24(12):1295-305. (COVER).
  11. Gao N, White P, Kaestner KH. Establishment of Intestinal Identity and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Signalling by Cdx2. Developmental Cell (2009); 16(4): 588-599.
  12. Gao N, Le Lay J, Vatamaniuk MZ, Rieck S, Friedman JR and Kaestner KH. Dynamic regulation of Pdx1 enhancers by Foxa1 and Foxa2 is essential for pancreas development. Genes & Development (2008); 22:3435-3448.
  13. Hinoi E, Gao N, Jung DY, Yadav V, Yoshizawa T, Myers Jr. MG, Streamson C. Chua Jr., Kim JK, Kaestner KH, and Karsenty G. The sympathetic tone mediates leptin’s inhibition of insulin secretion by modulating osteocalcin bioactivity.The Journal of Cell Biology (2008); 183(7):1235-42.
  14. Gao N, White P, Doliba N, Golson M, Matschinsky FM, Kaestner KH. Foxa2 controls vesicle docking and insulin secretion in mature beta cells. Cell Metabolism (2007); 6(4):267-79.
  15. Gupta RK, Gao N, Gorski RK, White P, Hardy OT, Rafiq K, Brestelli JE, Chen G, Stoeckert CJ Jr, Kaestner KH. Expansion of adult beta-cell mass in response to increased metabolic demand is dependent on HNF-4alpha. Genes & Development (2007); 21(7):756-69.