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Nina A. Cooperman, PsyD

Publications since 2011

Cooperman, N. A. Lu, S. E. Richter, K. P. Bernstein, S. L. Williams, J. M. Influence of Psychiatric and Personality Disorders on Smoking Cessation among Individuals in Opiate Dependence Treatment. J Dual Diagn, In process, . (PMID: 27064523)

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Steinberg, M. L. Williams, J. M. Stahl, N. F. Budsock, P. D. Cooperman, N. A. An Adaptation of Motivational Interviewing Increases Quit Attempts in Smokers with Serious Mental Illness. Nicotine Tob Res, In process, . (PMID: 25744954)

Cooperman, N. A. Richter, K. P. Bernstein, S. L. Steinberg, M. L. Williams, J. M. Determining Smoking Cessation Related Information, Motivation, and Behavioral Skills among Opiate Dependent Smokers in Methadone Treatment. Subst Use Misuse, In process, . (PMID: 25559697)

Williams, J. M. Miskimen, T. Minsky, S. Cooperman, N. A. Miller, M. Dooley Budsock, P. Cruz, J. Steinberg, M. L. Increasing Tobacco Dependence Treatment Through Continuing Education Training for Behavioral Health Professionals. Psychiatr Serv, In process, . (PMID: 25220158)

Williams, J. M. Steinberg, M. L. Griffiths, K. G. Cooperman, N. Smokers with behavioral health comorbidity should be designated a tobacco use disparity group. Am J Public Health, 103:1549-1555, . (PMID: 23865661, PMCID: PMC3776478)

Cooperman, N. A. Shastri, J. S. Shastri, A. Schoenbaum, E. HIV Prevalence, Risk Behavior, Knowledge, and Beliefs Among Women Seeking Care at a Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinic in Mumbai, India. Health Care Women Int, In process, . (PMID: 23659311)

Bernstein, S. L. Bijur, P. Cooperman, N. Jearld, S. Arnsten, J. H. Moadel, A. Gallagher, E. J. Efficacy of an emergency department-based multicomponent intervention for smokers with substance use disorders. J Subst Abuse Treat, 44:139-142, . (PMID: 22763199, PMCID: PMC3465634)

Bernstein, S. L. Cooperman, N. Jearld, S. Moadel, A. Bijur, P. Gallagher, E. J. Predictors of in-person follow-up among subjects in an ED-based smoking cessation trial. Am J Emerg Med, 30:2067-2069, . (PMID: 23000321, PMCID: PMC3777735)

Bernstein, S. L. Bijur, P. Cooperman, N. Jearld, S. Arnsten, J. H. Moadel, A. Gallagher, E. J. A randomized trial of a multicomponent cessation strategy for emergency department smokers. Acad Emerg Med, 18:575-583, . (PMID: 21676054, PMCID: PMC3117220)