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Nina A. Cooperman, PsyD

Selected Publications

  1. Cooperman NA, Parsons JP, Chabon B, Berg KM & Arnsten JH. The development and feasibility of an intervention to improve antiretroviral adherence among HIV-positive patients receiving primary-care in methadone clinics. Journal of HIV/AIDS and Social Services 2007; 6(1/2): 101-120.
  2. Nahvi, S & Cooperman, NA. The need for smoking cessation among HIV-positive smokers. AIDS Education and Prevention 2009; 21(3 suppl.): 14-27. PMID 19537951 PMCID: PMC2704483.
  3. Bernstein, SL, Bijur, P, Cooperman, NA, Jearld, S, Arnsten, JH, Moadel, A & Gallagher, EJ.  A randomized trial of a mulitcomponent smoking cessation intervention for smokers seeking treatment in an urban emergency department. Acad Emerg Med  2011; 18(6): 575-83. PMID: 21676054 PMCID: PMC3117220.
  4. Bernstein SL, Bijur PE, Cooperman N, Moadel AM, Jearld S & Gallagher EJ. Predictors of in-person follow-up among subjects in an ED-based smoking cessation trial. Am J Emerg Med, 2012; 30(9): 2067-9. PMID: 23000321.
  5. Bernstein SL, Arnsten JH, Bijur PE, Cooperman N, Moadel AM, Jearld S & Gallagher EJ. Efficacy of an emergency department-based multicomponent intervention for smokers with substance use disorders. J Substance Abuse Treatment, 2013; 44(1): 139-42. PMID: 22763199 PMCID: PMC3465634.
  6. Willliams, JM, Steinberg, ML, Griffiths, KG & Cooperman, NA. The need for smokers with behavioral health comorbidity to be designated as a tobacco use disparity group. American Journal of Public Health, in press.
  7. Cooperman, NA, Richter, KP, Bernstein, SL, Steinberg, ML & Williams, JM. Determining smoking cessation related information, motivation, and behavioral skills among opiate dependent smokers in methadone treatment. Substance Use and Misuse, in press.
  8. Simoni JM & Cooperman NA. Stressors and strengths among women living with HIV/AIDS in New York City.  AIDS Care 2000;12(3):291-297. PMID: 10928206
  9. Cooperman NA, Simoni JM & Lockhart D. Abuse, social support, and depression among HIV-positive heterosexual, bisexual, and lesbian women. Journal of Lesbian Studies 2003;7(4): 49-66.
  10. Cooperman NA, Falkin GP & Cleland, C. Changes in women’s sexual risk behaviors after therapeutic community treatment. AIDS Education and Prevention 2005; 17(2): 159-171. PMID: 15899753
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  14. Cooperman, NA. HIV/AIDS and suicide. In Berman, L. and Pompili, M., editors. Medical Conditions Associated with Suicide Risk. 2011. American Association of Suicidology.
  15. Cooperman, NA., Heo, M, Berg, KM, Li, X, Litwin, A, Nahvi, S & Arnsten, JH. Impact of adherence counseling dose on antiretroviral adherence and HIV viral load among HIV-Infected methadone maintained drug users. AIDS Care, 2012; 24(7): 828-35. PMID: 22272732 PMCID: 3380183.
  16. Cooperman, NA, Shastri, J, Shastri, A & Schoenbaum, E. HIV, sexual risk behavior, knowledge, and beliefs among women seeking care at a sexually transmitted infection clinic in Mumbai, India. Health Care for Women International, 2014; 35(10):1133-47.