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Danelle Devenport, MSc, PhD

Publications since 2011

Shrestha, R. Little, K. A. Tamayo, J. V. Li, W. Perlman, D. H. Devenport, D. Mitotic Control of Planar Cell Polarity by Polo-like Kinase 1. Dev Cell, In process, . (PMID: 26004507)

Devenport, D. The cell biology of planar cell polarity. J Cell Biol, 207:171-179, . (PMID: 25349257, PMCID: PMC4210441)

Shulman, J. M. Imboywa, S. Giagtzoglou, N. Powers, M. P. Hu, Y. Devenport, D. Chipendo, P. Chibnik, L. B. Diamond, A. Perrimon, N. Brown, N. H. De Jager, P. L. Feany, M. B. Functional screening in Drosophila identifies Alzheimer's disease susceptibility genes and implicates Tau-mediated mechanisms. Hum Mol Genet, 23:870-877, . (PMID: 24067533, PMCID: PMC3900103)

Tatin, F. Taddei, A. Weston, A. Fuchs, E. Devenport, D. Tissir, F. Makinen, T. Planar cell polarity protein Celsr1 regulates endothelial adherens junctions and directed cell rearrangements during valve morphogenesis. Dev Cell, 26:31-44, . (PMID: 23792146, PMCID: PMC3714594)

Devenport, D. Oristian, D. Heller, E. Fuchs, E. Mitotic internalization of planar cell polarity proteins preserves tissue polarity. Nat Cell Biol, 13:893-902, . (PMID: 21743464, PMCID: PMC3149741)