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Mark C. Pierce, PhD

Publications since 2011

Kim, L. Wang, C. Khan, A. Pierce, M. Clinical Target Volume: The Third Front. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 95:800-801, . (PMID: 27131083)

Higgins, L. M. Zevon, M. Ganapathy, V. Sheng, Y. Tan, M. C. Riman, R. E. Roth, C. M. Moghe, P. V. Pierce, M. C. Line-scanning confocal microscopy for high-resolution imaging of upconverting rare-earth-based contrast agents. J Biomed Opt, 20:110506, . (PMID: 26603495)

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Shin, D. Lee, M. H. Polydorides, A. D. Pierce, M. C. Vila, P. M. Parikh, N. D. Rosen, D. G. Anandasabapathy, S. Richards-Kortum, R. R. Quantitative analysis of high-resolution microendoscopic images for diagnosis of neoplasia in patients with Barrett's esophagus. Gastrointest Endosc, In process, . (PMID: 26253018)

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Greening, G. J. Istfan, R. Higgins, L. M. Balachandran, K. Roblyer, D. Pierce, M. C. Muldoon, T. J. Characterization of thin poly(dimethylsiloxane)-based tissue-simulating phantoms with tunable reduced scattering and absorption coefficients at visible and near-infrared wavelengths. J Biomed Opt, 19:115002, . (PMID: 25387084, PMCID: PMC4227531)

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Pierce, M. C. Weigum, S. E. Jaslove, J. M. Richards-Kortum, R. Tkaczyk, T. S. Optical Systems for Point-of-care Diagnostic Instrumentation: Analysis of Imaging Performance and Cost. Ann Biomed Eng, 42:231-240, . (PMID: 24097204, PMCID: PMC3872497)

Nguyen, T. U. Pierce, M. C. Higgins, L. Tkaczyk, T. S. Snapshot 3D optical coherence tomography system using image mapping spectrometry. Opt Express, 21:13758-13772, . (PMID: 23736629, PMCID: PMC3686468)

Vila, P. M. Kingsley, M. J. Polydorides, A. D. Protano, M. A. Pierce, M. C. Sauk, J. Kim, M. K. Patel, K. Godbold, J. H. Waye, J. D. Richards-Kortum, R. Anandasabapathy, S. Accuracy and interrater reliability for the diagnosis of Barrett's neoplasia among users of a novel, portable high-resolution microendoscope. Dis Esophagus, In process, . (PMID: 23442220)

Thekkek, N. Pierce, M. C. Lee, M. H. Polydorides, A. D. Flores, R. M. Anandasabapathy, S. Richards-Kortum, R. R. Modular video endoscopy for in vivo cross-polarized and vital-dye fluorescence imaging of Barrett's-associated neoplasia. J Biomed Opt, 18:26007, . (PMID: 23370452, PMCID: PMC3561596)

Koucky, M. H. Pierce, M. C. Axial response of high-resolution microendoscopy in scattering media. Biomed Opt Express, 4:2247-2256, . (PMID: 24156080, PMCID: PMC3799682)

Pierce, M. C. Guan, Y. Quinn, M. K. Zhang, X. Zhang, W. H. Qiao, Y. L. Castle, P. Richards-Kortum, R. A pilot study of low-cost, high-resolution microendoscopy as a tool for identifying women with cervical precancer. Cancer Prev Res (Phila), 5:1273-1279, . (PMID: 22926339, PMCID: PMC3494281)

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Kim, K. H. Pierce, M. C. Maguluri, G. Park, B. H. Yoon, S. J. Lydon, M. Sheridan, R. de Boer, J. F. In vivo imaging of human burn injuries with polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography. J Biomed Opt, 17:066012, . (PMID: 22734768)

Pierce, M. C. Schwarz, R. A. Bhattar, V. S. Mondrik, S. Williams, M. D. Lee, J. J. Richards-Kortum, R. Gillenwater, A. M. Accuracy of in vivo multimodal optical imaging for detection of oral neoplasia. Cancer Prev Res (Phila), 5:801-809, . (PMID: 22551901)

Quinn, M. K. Bubi, T. C. Pierce, M. C. Kayembe, M. K. Ramogola-Masire, D. Richards-Kortum, R. High-resolution microendoscopy for the detection of cervical neoplasia in low-resource settings. PLoS One, 7:e44924, . (PMID: 23028683, PMCID: PMC3445555)

McCall, B. Pierce, M. Graviss, E. A. Richards-Kortum, R. Tkaczyk, T. Toward a low-cost compact array microscopy platform for detection of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis (Edinb), 91 Suppl 1:S54-S60, . (PMID: 22079590)

Pierce, M. C. Vila, P. M. Polydorides, A. D. Richards-Kortum, R. Anandasabapathy, S. Low-cost endomicroscopy in the esophagus and colon. Am J Gastroenterol, 106:1722-1724, . (PMID: 21897416, PMCID: PMC3191066)

Pierce, M. Yu, D. Richards-Kortum, R. High-resolution fiber-optic microendoscopy for in situ cellular imaging. J Vis Exp, :, . (PMID: 21248707, PMCID: PMC3182629)