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Randy S. Strich, PhD

Publications since 2011

Strich, R. Programmed Cell Death Initiation and Execution in Budding Yeast. Genetics, 200:1003-1014, . (PMID: 26272996)

Becker, E. Liu, Y. Lardenois, A. Walther, T. Horecka, J. Stuparevic, I. Law, M. Lavigne, R. Evrard, B. Demougin, P. Riffle, M. Strich, R. Davis, R. W. Pineau, C. Primig, M. Integrated RNA- and protein profiling of fermentation and respiration in diploid budding yeast provides insight into nutrient control of cell growth and development. J Proteomics, In process, . (PMID: 25662576)

Wang, K. Yan, R. Cooper, K. F. Strich, R. Cyclin C mediates stress-induced mitochondrial fission and apoptosis. Mol Biol Cell, In process, . (PMID: 25609094)

Lardenois, A. Stuparevic, I. Liu, Y. Law, M. J. Becker, E. Smagulova, F. Waern, K. Guilleux, M. H. Horecka, J. Chu, A. Kervarrec, C. Strich, R. Snyder, M. Davis, R. W. Steinmetz, L. M. Primig, M. The conserved histone deacetylase Rpd3 and its DNA binding subunit Ume6 control dynamic transcript architecture during mitotic growth and meiotic development. Nucleic Acids Res, In process, . (PMID: 25477386)

Khakhina, S. Cooper, K. F. Strich, R. Med13p prevents mitochondrial fission and programmed cell death in yeast through nuclear retention of cyclin C. Mol Biol Cell, 25:2807-2816, . (PMID: 25057017, PMCID: PMC4161515)

Jin, C. Strich, R. Cooper, K. F. Slt2p phosphorylation induces cyclin C nuclear to cytoplasmic translocation in response to oxidative stress. Mol Biol Cell, 25:1396-1407, . (PMID: 24554767, PMCID: PMC3983003)

Law, M. J. Mallory, M. J. Dunbrack, R. L. Jr Strich, R. Acetylation of the transcriptional repressor Ume6p allows efficient promoter release and timely induction of the meiotic transient transcription program in yeast. Mol Cell Biol, 34:631-642, . (PMID: 24298021, PMCID: PMC3911482)

Cooper, K. F. Khakhina, S. Kim, S. K. Strich, R. Stress-Induced Nuclear-to-Cytoplasmic Translocation of Cyclin C Promotes Mitochondrial Fission in Yeast. Dev Cell, 28:161-173, . (PMID: 24439911, PMCID: PMC3963397)

Tan, G. S. Lewandowski, R. Mallory, M. J. Strich, R. Cooper, K. F. Mutually dependent degradation of Ama1p and Cdc20p terminates APC/C ubiquitin ligase activity at the completion of meiotic development in yeast. Cell Div, 8:9, . (PMID: 23816140, PMCID: PMC3734102)

Jin, C. Parshin, A. V. Daly, I. Strich, R. Cooper, K. F. The Cell Wall Sensors Mtl1, Wsc1, and Mid2 Are Required for Stress-Induced Nuclear to Cytoplasmic Translocation of Cyclin C and Programmed Cell Death in Yeast. Oxid Med Cell Longev, 2013:320823, . (PMID: 24260614, PMCID: PMC3821959)

Zhao, X. Feng, D. Wang, Q. Abdulla, A. Xie, X. J. Zhou, J. Sun, Y. Yang, E. S. Liu, L. P. Vaitheesvaran, B. Bridges, L. Kurland, I. J. Strich, R. Ni, J. Q. Wang, C. Ericsson, J. Pessin, J. E. Ji, J. Y. Yang, F. Regulation of lipogenesis by cyclin-dependent kinase 8-mediated control of SREBP-1. J Clin Invest, 122:2417-2427, . (PMID: 22684109, PMCID: PMC3386818)

Mallory, M. J. Law, M. J. Sterner, D. E. Berger, S. L. Strich, R. Gcn5p-dependent acetylation induces degradation of the meiotic transcriptional repressor Ume6p. Mol Biol Cell, 23:1609-1617, . (PMID: 22438583, PMCID: PMC3338428)

Cooper, K. F. Scarnati, M. S. Krasley, E. Mallory, M. J. Jin, C. Law, M. J. Strich, R. Oxidative-stress-induced nuclear to cytoplasmic relocalization is required for Not4-dependent cyclin C destruction. J Cell Sci, 125:1015-1026, . (PMID: 22421358, PMCID: PMC3311932)

Strich, R. Khakhina, S. Mallory, M. J. Ume6p is required for germination and early colony development of yeast ascospores. FEMS Yeast Res, 11:104-113, . (PMID: 21059190)

Strich, R. Meiotic, cryptic, and stable unannotated transcripts: noncoding RNAs add to the epigenetic tool box controlling meiotic development. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 108:891-892, . (PMID: 21199940, PMCID: PMC3024681)

Cooper, K. F. Strich, R. Meiotic control of the APC/C: similarities & differences from mitosis. Cell Div, 6:16, . (PMID: 21806783, PMCID: PMC3162515)