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Beverly E. Barton, PhD

Selected Publications

BE Barton, TF Murphy, PA Adem, R Watson, R Irwin, M Lee, and HF Huang.  IL-6 signaling via STAT3  plays a role in the progression from benign prostatic hypertrophy to neoplasia in NRP-152 and NRP-154 cells.  BMC Cancer 1:19-31, 2001.

BE Barton & TF Murphy:  Cancer cachexia is mediated by the induction of IL-6-like cytokines in the spleen.  Cytokine. 16(6): 251-257, 2001.

BE Barton, JG Karras, TF Murphy, AB Barton, and HF Huang.  Alternative Pathways to STAT3 Activation in Androgen-Resistant Prostate Cancer Lines: Direct STAT3 Inhibition Induces Apoptosis in Prostate Cancer Lines. Mol. Cancer Ther. 3(1): 11-20, 2004.

BE Barton, TF Murphy, P Shu, HF Huang, M Meyenhofer, &  A Barton. Novel Single-Stranded Oligonucleotides that Inhibit STAT3 Induce Apoptosis In Vitro and In Vivo in Prostate Cancer Cell Lines. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 3(10): 1183-1191, 2004.

HF Huang, TF Murphy, P Shu, AB Barton, and BE Barton. Stable Expression Of Constitutively-Activated STAT3 In Benign Prostatic Epithelial Cells Changes Their Phenotype To That Resembling Malignant Cells. Molecular Cancer. 4:2, 2005.

V Pandey, S Tripathi, B Chaubey, BE Barton. (2007). Virucidal Activity of Anti-HIV-1 Polyamide Nucleic Acids Conjugated with Membrane Transducing Peptides. Virology. 363: 91-103.

HD Lewis, A Winter, TF Murphy, S Tripathi, V Pandey, BE Barton. (2008). STAT3 inhibition in prostate and pancreatic cancer lines by STAT3 binding sequence oligonucleotides: Differential activity between 5’ and 3’ ends. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 7(6): 1543-1550.

HD Lewis, A Husain, RJ. Donnelly , D Barlos, S Riaz, K Ginjupalli, A Shodeinde, BE Barton.  Creation of a Novel Peptide with Enhanced Nuclear Localization in Prostate and Pancreatic Cancer Cell Lines. (2010). BMC Biotechnology.  10:79.

K Itagaki, BE Barton, T Murphy, S Taheri, P Shu, H Huang, ML Jordan. (2011). Eicosanoid-induced store-operated calcium entry in dendritic cells. J. Surg. Res. 169:301-310.       

A Shodeinde, K Ginjupalli, HD Lewis, S Riaz, BE Barton. (2012). Activated STAT1 or STAT2 Does Not Contribute to the Survival of Cancer Cells Expressing Constitutively-Activated STAT3. Submitted.