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M. Jane Lewis, DrPH

Selected Publications

Evans KR, Lewis MJ, and Hudson SH.  The Role of Health Literacy on African American and Hispanic/Latino Perspectives on Cancer Clinical Trials.  Journal of Cancer Education, 2012:27(2), 299-305

Lewis MJ, Peterson SK.  Perceptions of Genetic Testing for Cancer Predisposition Among Ashkenazi Jewish Women.  Community Genetics.  2007 March 10(2).

Wackowski O, Lewis MJ, Hrywna M. Banning smoking in New Jersey casinos – a content analysis of the debate in print media. Substance Use & Misuse.  2011;46(7):882-8.

Wackowski O, Lewis MJ, Delnevo CD.   Qualitative analysis of Camel Snus’ website message board – users’ product perceptions, insights and online interactions. Tobacco Control, 2011;  20(2): p. e1.

Lewis MJ, Yulis SG, Delnevo CD, Hrywna M. (2004) Tobacco industry direct marketing after the MSA.  Health Promotion Practice. Vol. 5 (3 Suppl): 75S-83S.

Lewis MJ, Delnevo CD, Slade J. (2004) Tobacco industry direct mail marketing and participation by New Jersey adults. American Journal of Public Health.  94(2): 257-259.