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Eric F. Wieschaus, PhD

Publications since 2011

Osterfield, M. Schupbach, T. Wieschaus, E. Shvartsman, S. Y. Diversity of epithelial morphogenesis during eggshell formation in drosophilids. Development, In process, . (PMID: 25953345)

Little, S. C. Sinsimer, K. S. Lee, J. J. Wieschaus, E. F. Gavis, E. R. Independent and coordinate trafficking of single Drosophila germ plasm mRNAs. Nat Cell Biol, In process, . (PMID: 25848747)

Blythe, S. A. Wieschaus, E. F. Zygotic genome activation triggers the DNA replication checkpoint at the midblastula transition. Cell, 160:1169-1181, . (PMID: 25748651, PMCID: PMC4359640)

Blythe, S. A. Wieschaus, E. F. Coordinating Cell Cycle Remodeling with Transcriptional Activation at the Drosophila MBT. Curr Top Dev Biol, 113:113-148, . (PMID: 26358872)

Polyakov, O. He, B. Swan, M. Shaevitz, J. W. Kaschube, M. Wieschaus, E. Passive Mechanical Forces Control Cell-Shape Change during Drosophila Ventral Furrow Formation. Biophys J, 107:998-1010, . (PMID: 25140436)

Di Talia, S. Wieschaus, E. F. Simple Biochemical Pathways far from Steady State Can Provide Switchlike and Integrated Responses. Biophys J, 107:L1-L4, . (PMID: 25099818, PMCID: PMC4129562)

Khan, Z. Wang, Y. C. Wieschaus, E. F. Kaschube, M. Quantitative 4D analyses of epithelial folding during Drosophila gastrulation. Development, 141:2895-2900, . (PMID: 24948599, PMCID: PMC4197613)

He, B. Doubrovinski, K. Polyakov, O. Wieschaus, E. Apical constriction drives tissue-scale hydrodynamic flow to mediate cell elongation. Nature, In process, . (PMID: 24590071)

Dubuis, J. O. Tkacik, G. Wieschaus, E. F. Gregor, T. Bialek, W. Positional information, in bits. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110:16301-16308, . (PMID: 24089448, PMCID: PMC3799327)

Wang, Y. C. Khan, Z. Wieschaus, E. F. Distinct Rap1 activity states control the extent of epithelial invagination via alpha-catenin. Dev Cell, 25:299-309, . (PMID: 23623612, PMCID: PMC3741050)

Osterfield, M. Du, X. Schupbach, T. Wieschaus, E. Shvartsman, S. Y. Three-dimensional epithelial morphogenesis in the developing Drosophila egg. Dev Cell, 24:400-410, . (PMID: 23449472)

Di Talia, S. She, R. Blythe, S. A. Lu, X. Zhang, Q. F. Wieschaus, E. F. Posttranslational control of Cdc25 degradation terminates Drosophila's early cell-cycle program. Curr Biol, 23:127-132, . (PMID: 23290553, PMCID: PMC3622868)

He, B. Caudy, A. Parsons, L. Rosebrock, A. Pane, A. Raj, S. Wieschaus, E. Mapping the pericentric heterochromatin by comparative genomic hybridization analysis and chromosome deletions in Drosophila melanogaster. Genome Res, 22:2507-2519, . (PMID: 22745230, PMCID: PMC3514680)

Gelbart, M. A. He, B. Martin, A. C. Thiberge, S. Y. Wieschaus, E. F. Kaschube, M. Volume conservation principle involved in cell lengthening and nucleus movement during tissue morphogenesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 109:19298-19303, . (PMID: 23134725, PMCID: PMC3511084)

Grimm, O. Sanchez Zini, V. Kim, Y. Casanova, J. Shvartsman, S. Y. Wieschaus, E. Torso RTK controls Capicua degradation by changing its subcellular localization. Development, 139:3962-3968, . (PMID: 23048183, PMCID: PMC3472588)

Drocco, J. A. Wieschaus, E. F. Tank, D. W. The synthesis-diffusion-degradation model explains Bicoid gradient formation in unfertilized eggs. Phys Biol, 9:055004, . (PMID: 23011646, PMCID: PMC3540996)

Wang, Y. C. Khan, Z. Kaschube, M. Wieschaus, E. F. Differential positioning of adherens junctions is associated with initiation of epithelial folding. Nature, 484:390-393, . (PMID: 22456706, PMCID: PMC3597240)

Di Talia, S. Wieschaus, E. F. Short-term integration of Cdc25 dynamics controls mitotic entry during Drosophila gastrulation. Dev Cell, 22:763-774, . (PMID: 22483720, PMCID: PMC3643212)

Gerhart, J. C. Martin, G. R. Wieschaus, E. F. Introducing WIREs Developmental Biology. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Dev Biol, 1:1-2, . (PMID: 23801663)

Drocco, J. A. Grimm, O. Tank, D. W. Wieschaus, E. Measurement and perturbation of morphogen lifetime: effects on gradient shape. Biophys J, 101:1807-1815, . (PMID: 22004733, PMCID: PMC3192964)

Little, S. C. Wieschaus, E. F. Shifting patterns: merging molecules, morphogens, motility, and methodology. Dev Cell, 21:2-4, . (PMID: 21763597)

Little, S. C. Tkacik, G. Kneeland, T. B. Wieschaus, E. F. Gregor, T. The formation of the Bicoid morphogen gradient requires protein movement from anteriorly localized mRNA. PLoS Biol, 9:e1000596, . (PMID: 21390295, PMCID: PMC3046954)