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Hua Zhong, MD, PhD, FCAP

Publications since 2011

Tereshchenko, I. V. Zhong, H. Chekmareva, M. A. Kane-Goldsmith, N. Santanam, U. Petrosky, W. Stein, M. N. Ganesan, S. Singer, E. A. Moore, D. Tischfield, J. A. DiPaola, R. S. ERG and CHD1 heterogeneity in prostate cancer: Use of confocal microscopy in assessment of microscopic foci. Prostate, In process, . (PMID: 25175909)

Cicchini, M. Chakrabarti, R. Kongara, S. Price, S. Nahar, R. Lozy, F. Zhong, H. Vazquez, A. Kang, Y. Karantza, V. Autophagy regulator BECN1 suppresses mammary tumorigenesis driven by WNT1 activation and following parity. Autophagy, In process, . (PMID: 25180518)

Cai-McRae, X. Zhong, H. Karantza, V. Sequestosome 1/p62 facilitates HER2-induced mammary tumorigenesis through multiple signaling pathways. Oncogene, In process, . (PMID: 25088198)

Pandya, H. J. Kim, H. T. Roy, R. Chen, W. Cong, L. Zhong, H. Foran, D. J. Desai, J. P. Towards an Automated MEMS-based Characterization of Benign and Cancerous Breast Tissue using Bioimpedance Measurements. Sens Actuators B Chem, 199:259-268, . (PMID: 25013305, PMCID: PMC4084740)

Zhong, H. Wang, R. Kelavkar, U. Wang, C. Y. Simons, J. Enzyme 15-lipoxygenase 1 promotes hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha turnover and reduces vascular endothelial growth factor expression: implications for angiogenesis. Cancer Med, 3:514-525, . (PMID: 24668884, PMCID: PMC4101742)

Bansal, N. Davis, S. Tereshchenko, I. Budak-Alpdogan, T. Zhong, H. Stein, M. N. Kim, I. Y. Dipaola, R. S. Bertino, J. R. Sabaawy, H. E. Enrichment of human prostate cancer cells with tumor initiating properties in mouse and zebrafish xenografts by differential adhesion. Prostate, 74:187-200, . (PMID: 24154958, PMCID: PMC3939797)

Wang, R. Jin, F. Zhong, H. A novel experimental hypoxia chamber for cell culture. Am J Cancer Res, 4:53-60, . (PMID: 24482738, PMCID: PMC3902232)

Qi, X. Wang, D. Rodero, I. Diaz-Montes, J. Gensure, R. H. Xing, F. Zhong, H. Goodell, L. Parashar, M. Foran, D. J. Yang, L. Content-based histopathology image retrieval using CometCloud. BMC Bioinformatics, 15:287, . (PMID: 25155691, PMCID: PMC4161917)

Zhong, H. Xu, B. Popiolek, D. A. Growth patterns of placental and paraovarian adrenocortical heterotopias are different. Case Rep Pathol, 2013:205692, . (PMID: 24383032, PMCID: PMC3870631)