Researcher Profile

Cristine D. Delnevo, PhD, MPH

Co-Leader, Cancer Prevention and Control Research Program; Director of Center for Tobacco Surveillance & Evaluation Research
Professor and Chair of Health Education and Behavioral Science
School of Public Health
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Liberty Plaza
335 George Street, Suite 2100
New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Phone: (732) 235-9746

Assistant: Carol Rayside
(732) 235-2072

Research Program Alignment

Membership Type: Full

Research Interests

  • Tobacco control
  • Behavioral Surveillance/Epidemiology
  • Survey research methods

Selected Publications

Jarvis MJ, Cohen JE, Delnevo CD, Giovino GA. Dispelling myths about gender differences in smoking cessation: population data from the USA, Canada and Britain. Tob Control. 2012 May 30. PMID: 22649182.

Steinberg MB, Zimmermann MH, Gundersen DA, Hart C, Delnevo CD. Physicians'perceptions regarding effectiveness of tobacco cessation medications: are they aligned with the evidence? Prev Med. 2011 Dec;53(6):433-4. PMID: 22001686.

Delnevo CD, Steinberg MB, Hudson SV, Ulpe R, Dipaola RS. Epidemiology of Cigarette and Smokeless Tobacco Use among South Asian Immigrants in the Northeastern United States. J Oncol. 2011;2011:252675. PMID: 21772842.

Delnevo CD, Gundersen DA, Hrywna M, Echeverria SE, Steinberg MB. Smoking-cessation prevalence among U.S. smokers of menthol versus non-menthol cigarettes. Am J Prev Med. 2011 Oct;41(4):357-65. PMID: 21961462.

Katz MA, Delnevo CD, Gundersen DA, Rich DQ. Methodologic artifacts in adult sun-protection trends. Am J Prev Med. 2011 Jan;40(1):72-5. PubMed PMID: 21146771.

Wackowski OA, Lewis MJ, Delnevo CD. Qualitative analysis of Camel Snus' website message board--users' product perceptions, insights and online interactions. Tob Control. 2011 Mar;20(2):e1. PMID: 20943829.

Jordan HM, Delnevo CD. Emerging tobacco products: hookah use among New Jersey youth. Prev Med. 2010 Nov;51(5):394-6. PMID: 20817023.

Wackowski OA, Delnevo CD, Lewis MJ. Risk perceptions of menthol cigarettes compared with nonmenthol cigarettes among New Jersey adults. Nicotine Tob Res.2010 Jul;12(7):786-90. PMID: 20522521.

Steinberg MB, Delnevo CD. Tobacco smoke by any other name is still as deadly. Ann Intern Med. 2010 Feb 16;152(4):259-60. PMID: 20157140.

Gundersen DA, Delnevo CD, Wackowski O. Exploring the relationship between race/ethnicity, menthol smoking, and cessation, in a nationally representative sample of adults. Prev Med. 2009 Dec;49(6):553-7. PMID: 19850064.

Delnevo CD, Bauer UE. Monitoring the tobacco use epidemic III: The host: data sources and methodological challenges. Prev Med. 2009 Jan;48(1 Suppl):S16-23.PMID: 18851990.

Delnevo CD, Gundersen DA, Hagman BT. Declining estimated prevalence of alcohol drinking and smoking among young adults nationally: artifacts of sample undercoverage? Am J Epidemiol. 2008 Jan 1;167(1):15-9. PMID: 17977896.

Steinberg MB, Delnevo CD. Physician beliefs regarding effectiveness of tobacco dependence treatments: results from the NJ Health Care Provider Tobacco Survey. J Gen Intern Med. 2007 Oct;22(10):1459-62. PMID: 17726636.

Wackowski O, Delnevo CD. Menthol cigarettes and indicators of tobacco dependence among adolescents. Addict Behav. 2007 Sep;32(9):1964-9. PMID: 17229528.

Delnevo CD, Hrywna M. "A whole 'nother smoke" or a cigarette in disguise: how RJ Reynolds reframed the image of little cigars. Am J Public Health. 2007 Aug;97(8):1368-75. PMID: 17600253.

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