Researcher Profile

Jonathan S. Harrison, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine, Hematology
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Medical Education Building
1 Robert Wood Johnson Place, Room 376
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Phone: (732) 235-7619

Assistant: Donna Bayer
(732) 235-7678

Research Program Alignment

Membership Type: Associate - CCSG

Research Interests

  • Research interests are in normal and abnormal hematopoiesis. Currently, in collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. G. Studzinski in the Department of Pathology, UMDNJ-NJMS, examining the role of the MAP Kinase pathways in myeloid leukemias response to Vitamin D analog and natural polyphenolic compound treatment. Additional research interests in clinical trials in Hematologic Malignancies and investigational treatment of Hematologic disorders, and in new therapies and clinical aspects of hematologic disorders.

Selected Publications

Harrison J, Kappas A, Levere R, Lutton J, Chertov J, Jiang S, and Abraham N. Additive effect of erythropoietin and heme on murine hematopoietic recovery after azidothymidine treatment. Blood Vol 82, No 12: pp 3574‑3579 (Dec), 1993.

Rameshwar P, Joshi DD, Yadav P, Gascon P, Qian J, Chang VT, Anjaria, A, Harrison J, Siaosong S:  Mimicry between neurokinin-1 and Fibronectin may explain the transport and stability of increased substance P-immunoreactivity in patients with bone marrow fibrosis.  Blood 97: 3025-3029, 2001.

Qian J, Ramroop K, McLeod A, Bandari P, Livingston DH, Harrison J, Rameshwar P: Induction of hypoxia inducible factor-1 and caspase-3 in hypoxic bone marrow stroma is negatively regulated by the delayed production of substance P. J Immunology Vol 176: 4600-4608, 2001.

Studzinski G, and Harrison JS. The neuronal cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activator p35Nck5a and Cdk5 activity in monocytic cells. Leukemia and Lymphoma Vol 44, pp 235-240, 2003.

Wieder R, Novick SC, Hollis B, Bryan M, Chanel S, Owusu K, Camastra D,Saunders T, Pliner Lm Harrison J, Bonate P, Williams T, Soignet S. Pharmacokinetics and safety of ILX23-7553, a noncalcemic Vitamin D3 analogue in a Phase I study of patients with advanced malignancies. Invest New Drugs  Vol  21, pp 445-452 (Nov) 2003.

Morgan J, Newman E, Sowers L, Scanlon K, Harrison J, Akman S, Leong L, Margolin K, Niland J, Raschko J, Somlo G, Carroll M, Chow W, Tetef M, Hamasaki V, Doroshow J.  Phase I study of cis-platinum in combination with azidothymidine in the treatment of patients with advanced malignancies Cancer  Chemotherapy Pharmacology  Vol 51, pp 459-464 (June) 2003.

Studzinski GP, Wang X, Ji Y, Wang Q, Zhang Y, Kutner A, and Harrison JS. The rationale for Deltanoids in therapy for myeloid leukemias: Role of KSR- MAPK-C/EBP pathway J Steroid Biochem & Molec Biol  (August), 2005.

Wang Q, Harrison JS, Uskokovic M, Kutner A, and Studzinski GP. Translational study of Vitamin D differentiation therapy of myeloid leukemia: Effects of the combination with a p38 MAPK inhibitor and an antioxident  Leukemia  (Nov) Vol 19, pp 1812-1817, 2005.

Harrison JS, Corcoran KE, Joshi D, Sophacleus C, Rameshwar P. Peripheral monocytes and CD4+ cells are potential sources for increased circulating levels of TGF-beta and Substance P in Autoimmune Myelofibrosis. Am J Hematol Vol 81, pp 51-58 (Jan) 2006.

Jamshidi F, Zhang J, Hamson JS, Wang X, Studzinski GS. Synergistic induction of differentiation by Cox Inhibitors and 1,25Dihydroxyvitamin D3 in Human Leukemia Cells Involves Raf1 but not Erk 1/2 Signaling. Cell Cycle Vol 7, No 7,pp 374-382 (April) 2008.

Strair RK, Gharibo M, Schaar D, Rubin A, Harrison J, Aisner J, Taber K, Shen L, Dudek L, Lin H-C, Lin Y, Goodell L, Rabson A, Medina D.  Nuclear Factor-kappaB (NF-kB) modulation in patients with AML undergoing induction chemotherapy for acute myelogenous leukemia Clin Cancer Research Vol 14, No 22, pp 7564-7568 (Nov) 2008.

Chen-Deutsch X, Garay E, Zhang J, Harrison JS, and Studzinski GP.  c-Jun N-terminal kinase 2 (JNK2) antagonizes the signaling of differentiation by JNK1 in human myeloid leukemia cells resistant to vitamin D  Leukemia Research 2009 Vol 33, No 10 pp 1298-1300.

Zhang Z, Harrison JS, Uskokovic M, Danilenko M, Studzinski GP.  Silibinin can induce differentiation as well as enhance vitamin D3 induced differentiation of human AML cells ex vivo and regulates the levels of differentiation-related transcription factors. Hematologic Oncology 2010 Sep; 28(3):124-32.

Wang X, Gocek E, Harrison JS, Danilenko M, Studzinski GP. Inhibition of Cot1/Tlp2 oncogene in AML cells reduces ERK5 ctivation and up-regulates p27KIP1 concomitant with enhancement of differentiation and cell cycle arrest induced by silibinin and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3. Cell Cycle. 2010 Nov 15; 9(22):4542-4551.

Zhang, J., Harrison JS, and Studzinski GP. Isoforms of p38MAPK gamma and delta contribute to differentiation of human AML cells induced by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 Exper Cell Research 2011 Jan 1;317(1):117-30.

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