Researcher Profile

Howard Leventhal, PhD

Chair, Division on Health, IHHCPAR; Member IOM, NAS
Board of Governors' Professor of Health of Psychology
School of Arts and Sciences
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

112 Paterson Street, Room 448
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Phone: (848) 932-7537

Assistant: Carmelen Chiusano
(848) 932-4606

Research Program Alignment

  • Non-programmatically Aligned

Membership Type: Associate II

Research Interests

  • Study how patients' perceptions and interpretations of symptoms and function affect treatment choices and self management for chronic conditions (asthma, diabetes, cancer).
  • Examine the process and health outcomes of patient sharing their objective (symptoms and function) and subjective (worries and outcome expectations) experience with clinicians.
  • Maintaining daily life activities, i.e., social, cognitive, and physical, when living with cancer, and making end of life decisions.

Selected Publications

Leventhal, H., Breland, J.Y., Mora, P.A., & Leventhal, E.A. (2010). Lay representations of illness and treatment: a framework for action. In A. Steptoe (Ed.), K. Freedland, R. Jennings, M. Llabre, S. Manuck, and E. Susman (Assoc. Eds.). Handbook of Behavioral Medicine: Methods and Applications. New York: Springer.

Mora, P.A., Berkowitz, A., Contrada, R.J., Wisnivesky, J.P., Horne, R., Leventhal, H., & Halm, E. A. (2010, in press). Factor structure and longitudinal invariance of the Medical Adherence Rating Scale-Asthma (MARS-A). Psychology and Health.

Krauskopf, K., McGinn, T.G., Federman, A.D., Halm, E.A., Leventhal, H., McGinn, L.K., Gardenier, D., Oster, A., & Kronish, I.M. (2011). HIV and HCV health beliefs in an inner-city community. Journal of Viral Hepatitis, 18, 785 - 791.

Garrido, M.M., Hash-Converse, J.M., Leventhal, H., Leventhal, E.A. (2010, in press) Stress and chronic disease management. In Contrada RJ, Baum AS, eds. The Handbook of Stress Science: Psychology, Biology, and Health. New York: Springer.

Mora, P.A., Musumeci-Szabo, T., Popan, J., Beamon, T., & Leventhal, H. (2010, in press). Me at my worst: exploring the relationship between the undesired self, health, and mood among older adults. Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

Leventhal, H., Leventhal, E.A., & Breland, J.Y. (2010). Cognitive science speaks to the "common-sense" of chronic illness management. Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

Stetson, B., Boren, S., Leventhal, H. Schlundt, D., Glasgow, R., et al. (2011). Embracing the evidence in diabetes self-management education and support. Self Care, 1, 83 -99.

McAndrew, L.M., Horowitz, C. R., Lancaster, K.J., Quigley, K.S., Pogach, L.M., Mora, P.A., & Leventhal, H. (2011) Association between self-monitoring of blood glucose and diet among minority patients with diabetes. Journal of Diabetes, 3, 1-6.

Phillips, L.A., Leventhal, H., & Leventhal, E.A. (2011). Physicians' communication of the
common-sense self-regulation model results in greater reported adherence than physicians' use of interpersonal skills. British Journal of Health Psychology, 1-14.

Phillips, L.A., Leventhal, EA, & Leventhal, H. (2011). Factors associated with the accuracy of physicians' predictions of patient adherence. Patient Education & Counseling, Online (NIH Available PDF).

Kronish, I. M., Leventhal, H., Horowitz, C.R. (2011): Understanding minority patients' beliefs about hypertension to reduce gaps in communication between patients and clinicians. Journal of Clinical Hypertension, 1-7.

Leventhal, H., Bodnar-Deren, S., Breland, J.Y., Hash-Converse, J., Phillips, L.A., & Leventhal, E.A. & Cameron, L.D. (2011) Modeling health and illness behavior: The approach of the commonsense model. In: Baum, A., Revenson, T.A. and Singer, J. Handbook of Health Psychology, Second edition.

Horne, R. Faasse, K., Cooper, V., Diefenbach, M.A., Leventhal, H., Leventhal, E. & Petrie, K.J. The perceived sensitivity to medicines (PSM) scale: An evaluation of validity and reliability. British Journal of Health Psychology, 2012, DOI:10.1111/j.2044-8287.2012.02071

Fraenkel, L., Falzer, P., Fried, T., Kohler, M., Peters, E., Kerns, R., & Leventhal, H. (2011), J. General Internal Medicine, Published Online DOI:10.1007/s11606-011-1926-z

Howell, E.A., Balbierz, A., Wang, J., Parides, M., Zlotnick, C., & Leventhal, H. (2012). Reducing postpartum depressive symptoms among black and Latina mothers. Obstetrics & Gynecology, 119, 1-8.

Breland, J., Fox, A.M., Horowitz, C.R., & Leventhal, H. (2012). A common sense approach to fighting obesity. Journal of Obesity, (Open Article)

Falzer, P., Leventhal, H., Peters, E., Fried, T.R., Kerms, R., Michalskim M., & Fraenkel, L. (2012) The practitioner proposes a treatment change and the patient declines: What to do next? Pain Practice (Online)

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