Researcher Profile

Paul G. Falkowski, PhD

Associate I Member, Cancer Metabolism and Growth Program

Member since 2009

Academic Appointment

Professor of Geological Sciences and Marine and Coastal Sciences
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


Research Interests

  • Drug discovery based on bioassay guided natural products from marine organisms. My approach is to target apoptosis-inducing pathways with small, novel secondary metabolites which potentially activate the apoptotic cascade in solid tumors. We have several sources of molecules, including tropical invertebrates (corals, sponges, and mollusks), and deep-sea vent organisms. The strategy is to isolate the novel molecules using a double-mutant panel of genetically engineered mouse cells as a bioassay, to characterize the molecules via 2-D NMR and mass spectrometry, to synthesize the molecules in collaboration with synthetic organic chemists, and to use the synthetic molecules in live animal model studies.

Selected Publications

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