Researcher Profile

Helmut Zarbl, PhD

Full Member, Cancer Metabolism and Growth Program

Member since 2008

Academic Appointment

Professor of Environmental and Occupational Medicine
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Research Interests

  • Toxicogenomics and functional genomics, genetics, molecular carcinogenesis, molecular and cellular biology, and toxicology. Specifically: molecular mechanisms of chemical carcinogenesis and the genetic basis for differential susceptibility to mammary carcinogenesis using both animal and in vitro model systems. Studies in the rat model have included analysis of oncogene activation, mechanisms of signal transduction, and genetic linkage analysis to identify mammary tumor susceptibility genes. Also have used toxicogenomics to dissect mechanisms of mechanism carcinogenesis, tumor progression and chemoprevention. Studies in the area of toxicogenomics include the development and application of standards for DNA microarray experiments, and phenotypic anchoring of response of human cells, model organisms (yeast) and target organs (rodents) to toxicants, providing insights into dose and temporal responses, as well as mechanisms of action. Also actively involved in technology development, including my patented work on RNAi and its application to the development of novel platforms (with Engineering Arts, Inc.) for functional genomics and biomarker screening.

Selected Publications

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