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Each staff member has a Microsoft Windows-based desktop or laptop personal computer with a Windows XP processor, at least 100GB hard drive memory space, and a CD/DVD drive.

Additional Hardware includes:

  • Laptops for rapid case ascertainment and/or other study-related activities.
  • Rugged tablets for administration of surveys in the field.
  • High volume multifunction printer / scanner / fax machine
  • Color printer
  • Secure fax machine
  • Desktop scanners
  • Portable high-speed scanners for use in the field for rapid case ascertainment activity.
  • Software application and web servers.


In addition to the standard package of Microsoft Office for Windows XP for PCs, other survey design software and statistical analysis software packages are installed on shared desktops, including:  Teleform 10.2 for the development and distribution of paper-based surveys;  SnapSurveys 10.23 - Education Enterprise Edition for the development and distribution of web-based surveys; and SPSS for basic data analysis and reporting.


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