Researcher Publications

Teresa L. Wood, PhD

Selected Publications

  • Richert, M.M. and Wood, T.L. (1999) The insulin-like growth factors and IGF type I receptor during postnatal growth of the murine mammary gland: Sites of mRNA expression and potential functions. Endocrinology 140:454-461.
  • Stull, M.A., Richert, M.M., Loladze, A.V. and Wood, T.L. (2002) Requirement for insulin-like growth factor-I in epidermal growth factor-mediated cell cycle progression of mammary epithelial cells. Endocrinology 143:1872-1879.
  • Grimm, S.L., Teagroves, T.N., Kabotyanski, E.B., Hovey, R.C., Vonderhaar, B.K., Lydon, J.P., Miyoshi, K., Hennighausen, L., Ormandy, C.J., Lee, A.V., Stull, M.A., Wood, T.L. and Rosen, J.M. (2002) Disruption of steroid and prolactin receptor patterning in the mammary gland correlates with a block in lobuloalveolar development. Endo.16:2675-2691.
  • Allar, M.A. and Wood, T.L. (2004) Expression of the insulin-like growth factor binding proteins during postnatal development of murine mammary glands. Endocrinology 145:2467-2477.
  • Loladze, A.V., Stull, M.A., Rowzee, A.M., DeMarco, J., Lantry, J.H., III, Rosen, C., LeRoith, D., Wagner, K.-U., Hennighausen, Rosen, C.J. and Wood, T.L. (2006) Epithelial-specific and stage-specific functions of IGF-I during postnatal mammary development. Endocrinology 147:5412-5423.
  • Ning, Y., Hoang, B., Schuller, A.G.P., Hsu, P., Wood, T.L. and Pintar, J.E. (2007) Delayed mammary gland involution in mice with mutation of insulin-like growth factor binding protein 5. Endocrinology 148:2138-2147.
  • Rowzee, A.M., Ludwig, D.L. and Wood, T.L. (2009) Insulin-like growth factor type I receptor and insulin receptor isoform expression and signaling in mammary epithelial cells. Endocrinology, 150:3611-3619. PMCID: PMC2717875
  • Novosyadlyy, R., Lann, D.E., Vjayakumar, A., Rowzee, A., Lazzarino, D.A., Fierz, Y., Carboni, J.M., Gottardis, M.M., Pennisi, P.A., Molinolo, A.A., Kurshan, N., Wilson, M., Santopietro, S., Yakar, S., Wood, T.L., LeRoith, D. (2010) Insulin-mediated acceleration of breast cancer development and progression in a non-obese model of type 2 diabetes. Cancer Res. 70:741-751. PMCID: PMC2946167
  • Sun, Z, Shushanov, S., LeRoith, D. and Wood, T.L. (2011) Decreased IGF type 1 receptor signaling in mammary epithelium during pregnancy leads to reduced proliferation, alveolar differentiation and expression of insulin receptor substrate (IRS)-1 and IRS-2. Endocrinology 152:3233-3245. PMCID: PMC3138223
  • Rota, L.M*., Lazzarino, D.A.*, Ziegler, A., LeRoith, D. and Wood, T.L. (2012) Determining mammosphere-forming potential: Application of the limiting dilution analysis. Journal of Mammary Gland Biology. & Neoplasia 17:119-123. *authors contributed equally
  • Rota, L.M., Albanito, L., Shin, M.E., Goyeneche, C.L., Shushanov, S., Gallagher, E.J., LeRoith, D., Lazzarino, D.A.* and Wood, T.L.* (2014) Inhibiting insulin-like growth factor receptor in mammary epithelium accelerates Wnt1-mediated tumorigenesis, canonical Wnt signaling and IGF-II/insulin receptor-A expression. Cancer Research 74(19): 1-12. *co-senior authors
  • Rota, L.M. and Wood, T.L. (2015) Crosstalk of the insulin-like growth factor receptor with the Wnt signaling pathway in breast cancer. Frontiers in Endocrinology (Lausanne), section Cancer Endocrinology 6:92. doi: 10.3389/fendo.2015.00092. eCollection 2015. Review.
  • Flannery, C.A., Rowzee, A.M., Choe, G., Saleh, F., Taylor, H.S. and Wood, T.L. (2016) Development of a quantitative PCR assay for detection of human insulin-like growth factor receptor and insulin receptor isoforms. Endocrinology 157:1702-8.
  • Acosta, D., Bagchi, S., Broin, P.O., Hollern, D., Racedo, S.E., Morrow, B., Sellers, R.S., Greally, J.M., Golden, A., Andrechek, E., Wood, T.L. and Montagna, C. (2016) LPA receptor activity is basal specific and coincident with early pregnancy and involution during mammary gland postnatal development. Scientific Reports 6:35810.
  • Kumar, S., Davra, V., Obr, A., Geng, K., Wood, T.L. and Birge, R.B. Crk oncogene promotes PD-L1 expression and immune evasion in a triple-negative murine model of breast cancer. Oncoimmunology (in press).

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