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Ann M. Stock, PhD

Publications since 2011

Gao, R. Stock, A. M. Temporal hierarchy of gene expression mediated by transcription factor binding affinity and activation dynamics. MBio, 6:, . (PMID: 26015501, PMCID: PMC4447250)

Winkelmann, D. A. Forgacs, E. Miller, M. T. Stock, A. M. Structural basis for drug-induced allosteric changes to human beta-cardiac myosin motor activity. Nat Commun, 6:7974, . (PMID: 26246073)

Gao, R. Stock, A. M. Evolutionary tuning of protein expression levels of a positively autoregulated two-component system. PLoS Genet, 9:e1003927, . (PMID: 24204322, PMCID: PMC3812086)

Barbieri, C. M. Wu, T. Stock, A. M. Comprehensive analysis of OmpR phosphorylation, dimerization, and DNA binding supports a canonical model for activation. J Mol Biol, 425:1612-1626, . (PMID: 23399542, PMCID: PMC3646996)

Leonard, P. G. Golemi-Kotra, D. Stock, A. M. Phosphorylation-dependent conformational changes and domain rearrangements in Staphylococcus aureus VraR activation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110:8525-8530, . (PMID: 23650349, PMCID: PMC3666669)

Gao, R. Stock, A. M. Probing kinase and phosphatase activities of two-component systems in vivo with concentration-dependent phosphorylation profiling. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110:672-677, . (PMID: 23267085, PMCID: PMC3545780)

Leonard, P. G. Bezar, I. F. Sidote, D. J. Stock, A. M. Identification of a Hydrophobic Cleft in the LytTR Domain of AgrA as a Locus for Small Molecule Interactions That Inhibit DNA Binding. Biochemistry, 51:10035-10043, . (PMID: 23181972, PMCID: PMC3525768)

Tang, Y. T. Gao, R. Havranek, J. J. Groisman, E. A. Stock, A. M. Marshall, G. R. Inhibition of bacterial virulence: drug-like molecules targeting the Salmonella enterica PhoP response regulator. Chem Biol Drug Des, 79:1007-1017, . (PMID: 22339993, PMCID: PMC3445336)

Dixit, S. S. Jadot, M. Sohar, I. Sleat, D. E. Stock, A. M. Lobel, P. Loss of Niemann-Pick C1 or C2 protein results in similar biochemical changes suggesting that these proteins function in a common lysosomal pathway. PLoS One, 6:e23677, . (PMID: 21887293, PMCID: PMC3161064)