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Kim S. McKim, PhD

Selected Publications

  1. Mathieu, J., C. Cauvin, C. Moch, S. J. Radford, P. Sampaio, C. N. Perdigoto, F. Schweisguth, A. J. Bardin, C. E. Sunkel, K. McKim, A. Echard and J. Huynh, 2013 Aurora B and Cyclin B Have Opposite Effects on the Timing of Cytokinesis Abscission in Drosophila Germ Cells and in Vertebrate Somatic Cells.  Dev. Cell. 26: 250-265
  2. Radford, S.J., J. K. Jang, and K. S. McKim, 2012 The Chromosomal Passenger Complex is required for Meiotic Acentrosomal Spindle Assembly and Chromosome Bi-orientation.  Genetics: 192:417-29
  3. Radford, S.J., A. M. Harrison, and K. S. McKim, 2012 Microtubule-depolymerizing Kinesin KLP10A Restricts the Length of the Acentrosomal Meiotic Spindle in Drosophila females.  Genetics: 192:431-40
  4. Joyce, E.F., A. Paul, K.E. Chen, N. Tanneti and K. S. McKim 2012 Multiple Barriers to Non-homologous DNA End Joining During Meiosis in Drosophila. Genetics 191: 739-46. 
  5. Joyce, E.F., M. Pedersen, S. Tiong, S.K. White-Brown, A. Paul, S. D. Campbell and K. S. McKim 2011 Drosophila ATM and ATR have distinct activities in the regulation of meiotic DNA damage and repair.  J. Cell Biol. 195: 359-67
  6. Tanneti, NS., K. Landy, E. F. Joyce and K. S. McKim, 2011 A pathway for synapsis initiation during zygotene in Drosophila oocytes.  Curr. Biol. 8:1852-7
  7. Cesario, J. and K. S. McKim, 2011 RanGTP is required for meiotic spindle organization and the initiation of embryonic development in Drosophila. J. Cell Science 124:3797-810
  8. Joyce EF, K. S. McKim, 2011 Meiotic checkpoints and the interchromosomal effect on crossing over in Drosophila females. Fly (Austin). Apr 1;5: 134-140
  9. Orsi GA, E.F. Joyce, P. Couble, K.S. McKim and B. Loppin. 2010 Drosophila I-R hybrid dysgenesis is associated with catastrophic meiosis and abnormal zygote formation. J Cell Sci. 123: 3515 - 3524
  10. Joyce, E. F. and K. S. McKim, 2010 Chromosome axis defects induce a checkpoint-mediated delay and interchromosomal effect on crossing over during Drosophila meiosis.  Plos Genetics, 6: e1001059
  11. McKim, K. S., E. F. Joyce and J. K. Jang, 2009 Cytological analysis of meiosis in fixed Drosophila ovaries. Methods Mol Biol 558: 197-216.
  12. Joyce, E. F. and K. S. McKim, 2009 Drosophila PCH2 is required for a pachytene checkpoint that monitors DSB-independent events leading to meiotic crossover formation.  Genetics 181: 39-51.
  13. Joyce, E.F., N. S. Tanneti and K. S. McKim, 2009 Drosophila HDM protein is required for a subset of meiotic crossovers and interacts with repair endonuclease complex subunits MEI-9 and ERCC1.  Genetics, 181:335-40
  14. Colombie, N., C. F. Cullen, A. L. Brittle, J. K. Jang, W. C. Earnshaw, M. Carmena, K. S. McKim and H. Ohkura, 2008 Dual roles of Incenp critical to the assembly of the acentrosomal metaphase spindle in female meiosis, Development, 135:3239-46.
  15. Wu, C., V. Singaram and K. S. McKim, 2008, mei-38 is required for chromosome segregation during meiosis in Drosophila females, Genetics, 180:61-72