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Jay A. Tischfield, PhD, FFACMG

Publications since 2011

Sun, N. Tischfield, J. A. King, R. A. Heiman, G. A. Functional Evaluations of Genes Disrupted in Patients with Tourette's Disorder. Front Psychiatry, 7:11, . (PMID: 26903887, PMCID: PMC4746269)

De Filippis, L. Halikere, A. McGowan, H. Moore, J. C. Tischfield, J. A. Hart, R. P. Pang, Z. P. Ethanol-mediated activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome in iPS cells and iPS cells-derived neural progenitor cells. Mol Brain, 9:51, . (PMID: 27160314, PMCID: PMC4862119)

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Agrawal, A. Lynskey, M. T. Kapoor, M. Bucholz, K. K. Edenberg, H. J. Schuckit, M. Brooks, A. Hesselbrock, V. Kramer, J. Saccone, N. Tischfield, J. Bierut, L. J. Are genetic variants for tobacco smoking associated with cannabis involvement? Drug Alcohol Depend, In process, . (PMID: 25770649)

Sadler, B. Haller, G. Edenberg, H. Tischfield, J. Brooks, A. Kramer, J. Schuckit, M. Nurnberger, J. Goate, A. Positive Selection on Loci Associated with Drug and Alcohol Dependence. PLoS One, 10:e0134393, . (PMID: 26270548, PMCID: PMC4536217)

Xu, B. Wang, W. Guo, H. Sun, Z. Wei, Z. Zhang, X. Liu, Z. Tischfield, J. A. Gong, Y. Shao, C. Oxidative stress preferentially induces a subtype of micronuclei and mediates the genomic instability caused by p53 dysfunction. Mutat Res Fundam Mol Mech Mutagen, 770:1-8, . (PMID: 25302047, PMCID: PMC4186711)

Tereshchenko, I. V. Zhong, H. Chekmareva, M. A. Kane-Goldsmith, N. Santanam, U. Petrosky, W. Stein, M. N. Ganesan, S. Singer, E. A. Moore, D. Tischfield, J. A. DiPaola, R. S. ERG and CHD1 heterogeneity in prostate cancer: Use of confocal microscopy in assessment of microscopic foci. Prostate, 74:1551-1559, . (PMID: 25175909, PMCID: PMC4181586)

Sahota, A. Parihar, J. S. Capaccione, K. M. Yang, M. Noll, K. Gordon, D. Reimer, D. Yang, I. Buckley, B. T. Polunas, M. Reuhl, K. R. Lewis, M. R. Ward, M. D. Goldfarb, D. S. Tischfield, J. A. Novel Cystine Ester Mimics for the Treatment of Cystinuria-induced Urolithiasis in a Knockout Mouse Model. Urology, 84:1249.e9-1249.e15, . (PMID: 25443947)

Ren, G. Liu, Y. Zhao, X. Zhang, J. Zheng, B. Yuan, Z. R. Zhang, L. Qu, X. Tischfield, J. A. Shao, C. Shi, Y. Tumor resident mesenchymal stromal cells endow naive stromal cells with tumor-promoting properties. Oncogene, 33:4016-4020, . (PMID: 24077286)

Wright, F. A. Sullivan, P. F. Brooks, A. I. Zou, F. Sun, W. Xia, K. Madar, V. Jansen, R. Chung, W. Zhou, Y. H. Abdellaoui, A. Batista, S. Butler, C. Chen, G. Chen, T. H. D'Ambrosio, D. Gallins, P. Ha, M. J. Hottenga, J. J. Huang, S. Kattenberg, M. Kochar, J. Middeldorp, C. M. Qu, A. Shabalin, A. Tischfield, J. Todd, L. Tzeng, J. Y. van Grootheest, G. Vink, J. M. Wang, Q. Wang, W. Wang, W. Willemsen, G. Smit, J. H. de Geus, E. J. Yin, Z. Penninx, B. W. Boomsma, D. I. Heritability and genomics of gene expression in peripheral blood. Nat Genet, 46:430-437, . (PMID: 24728292, PMCID: PMC4012342)

Culverhouse, R. C. Johnson, E. O. Breslau, N. Hatsukami, D. K. Sadler, B. Brooks, A. I. Hesselbrock, V. M. Schuckit, M. A. Tischfield, J. A. Goate, A. M. Saccone, N. L. Bierut, L. J. Multiple distinct CHRNB3-CHRNA6 variants are genetic risk factors for nicotine dependence in African Americans and European Americans. Addiction, 109:814-822, . (PMID: 24401102, PMCID: PMC3984604)

D'Aiuto, L. Prasad, K. M. Upton, C. H. Viggiano, L. Milosevic, J. Raimondi, G. McClain, L. Chowdari, K. Tischfield, J. Sheldon, M. Moore, J. C. Yolken, R. H. Kinchington, P. R. Nimgaonkar, V. L. Persistent Infection by HSV-1 Is Associated With Changes in Functional Architecture of iPSC-Derived Neurons and Brain Activation Patterns Underlying Working Memory Performance. Schizophr Bull, In process, . (PMID: 24622295)

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Serrano, L. Vazquez, B. N. Tischfield, J. Chromatin structure, pluripotency and differentiation. Exp Biol Med (Maywood), 238:259-270, . (PMID: 23598971)

Zhang, Z. Wang, J. C. Howells, W. Lin, P. Agrawal, A. Edenberg, H. J. Tischfield, J. A. Schuckit, M. A. Bierut, L. J. Goate, A. Rice, J. P. Dosage transmission disequilibrium test (dTDT) for linkage and association detection. PLoS One, 8:e63526, . (PMID: 23691058, PMCID: PMC3653954)

Wang, J. C. Spiegel, N. Bertelsen, S. Le, N. McKenna, N. Budde, J. P. Harari, O. Kapoor, M. Brooks, A. Hancock, D. Tischfield, J. Foroud, T. Bierut, L. J. Steinbach, J. H. Edenberg, H. J. Traynor, B. J. Goate, A. M. Cis-regulatory variants affect CHRNA5 mRNA expression in populations of African and European ancestry. PLoS One, 8:e80204, . (PMID: 24303001, PMCID: PMC3841173)

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Huang, Y. H. Rice, J. P. Saccone, S. F. Ambite, J. L. Arens, Y. Tischfield, J. A. Hsu, C. N. A nu-support vector regression based approach for predicting imputation quality. BMC Proc, 6 Suppl 7:S3, . (PMID: 23173775, PMCID: PMC3504919)

Tichy, E. D. Pillai, R. Deng, L. Tischfield, J. A. Hexley, P. Babcock, G. F. Stambrook, P. J. The abundance of Rad51 protein in mouse embryonic stem cells is regulated at multiple levels. Stem Cell Res, 9:124-134, . (PMID: 22705496, PMCID: PMC3412895)

Aberg, K. Khachane, A. N. Rudolf, G. Nerella, S. Fugman, D. A. Tischfield, J. A. van den Oord, E. J. Methylome-wide comparison of human genomic DNA extracted from whole blood and from EBV-transformed lymphocyte cell lines. Eur J Hum Genet, 20:953-955, . (PMID: 22378283, PMCID: PMC3421118)

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Rani, V. Neumann, C. A. Shao, C. Tischfield, J. A. Prdx1 deficiency in mice promotes tissue specific loss of heterozygosity mediated by deficiency in DNA repair and increased oxidative stress. Mutat Res, 735:39-45, . (PMID: 22583657, PMCID: PMC3389210)

Liu, Y. Deng, L. Nguyen, S. C. Au, C. L. Shao, C. Tischfield, J. A. Liang, L. A human cell-based reporter detects microhomology-mediated end joining. Mutat Res, 731:140-144, . (PMID: 22197482, PMCID: PMC3268871)

Denissova, N. G. Nasello, C. M. Yeung, P. L. Tischfield, J. A. Brenneman, M. A. Resveratrol protects mouse embryonic stem cells from ionizing radiation by accelerating recovery from DNA strand breakage. Carcinogenesis, 33:149-155, . (PMID: 22049530)

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Denissova, N. G. Tereshchenko, I. V. Cui, E. Stambrook, P. J. Shao, C. Tischfield, J. A. Ionizing radiation is a potent inducer of mitotic recombination in mouse embryonic stem cells. Mutat Res, 715:1-6, . (PMID: 21802432, PMCID: PMC3172342)

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Serrano, L. Liang, L. Chang, Y. Deng, L. Maulion, C. Nguyen, S. C. Tischfield, J. A. Homologous Recombination conserves DNA sequence integrity throughout the cell cycle in embryonic stem cells. Stem Cells Dev, 20:363-374, . (PMID: 20491544, PMCID: PMC3128761)

Saccone, S. F. Quan, J. Mehta, G. Bolze, R. Thomas, P. Deelman, E. Tischfield, J. A. Rice, J. P. New tools and methods for direct programmatic access to the dbSNP relational database. Nucleic Acids Res, 39:D901-D907, . (PMID: 21037260, PMCID: PMC3013662)

Xu, B. Sun, Z. Liu, Z. Guo, H. Liu, Q. Jiang, H. Zou, Y. Gong, Y. Tischfield, J. A. Shao, C. Replication stress induces micronuclei comprising of aggregated DNA double-strand breaks. PLoS One, 6:e18618, . (PMID: 21525980, PMCID: PMC3078113)

Lin, P. Hartz, S. M. Wang, J. C. Krueger, R. F. Foroud, T. M. Edenberg, H. J. Nurnberger, J. I. Jr Brooks, A. I. Tischfield, J. A. Almasy, L. Webb, B. T. Hesselbrock, V. M. Porjesz, B. Goate, A. M. Bierut, L. J. Rice, J. P. Copy number variation accuracy in genome-wide association studies. Hum Hered, 71:141-147, . (PMID: 21778733, PMCID: PMC3153341)