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Richard A. Drachtman, MD

Publications since 2011

Mulvihill, D. J. McMichael, K. Goyal, S. Drachtman, R. Weiss, A. Khan, A. J. Involved-nodal radiation therapy leads to lower doses to critical organs-at-risk compared to involved-field radiation therapy. Radiother Oncol, In process, . (PMID: 25082095)

Harker-Murray, P. D. Drachtman, R. A. Hodgson, D. C. Chauvenet, A. R. Kelly, K. M. Cole, P. D. Stratification of treatment intensity in relapsed pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma. Pediatr Blood Cancer, 61:579-586, . (PMID: 24504790)

Sharma, A. Sadimin, E. Drachtman, R. Glod, J. CNS lymphoma in a patient with Shwachman Diamond syndrome. Pediatr Blood Cancer, 61:564-566, . (PMID: 24307640)

Lanikova, L. Lorenzo, F. Yang, C. Vankayalapati, H. Drachtman, R. Divoky, V. Prchal, J. T. Novel homozygous VHL mutation in exon 2 is associated with congenital polycythemia but not with cancer. Blood, 121:3918-3924, . (PMID: 23538339)

Giulino, L. Guinan, E. C. Gillio, A. P. Drachtman, R. A. Teruya-Feldstein, J. Boulad, F. Sweet syndrome in patients with Fanconi anaemia: association with extracutaneous manifestations and progression of haematological disease. Br J Haematol, 154:278-281, . (PMID: 21501135)