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Shridar Ganesan, MD, PhD

Publications since 2011

Wang, R. Ganesan, S. Zheng, X. F. Yin and Yang of 4E-BP1 in Cancer. Cell Cycle, In process, . (PMID: 27096536)

Rodriguez-Rodriguez, L. Hirshfield, K. M. Rojas, V. DiPaola, R. S. Gibbon, D. Hellmann, M. Isani, S. Leiser, A. Riedlinger, G. M. Wagreich, A. Ali, S. M. Elvin, J. A. Miller, V. A. Ganesan, S. Use of comprehensive genomic profiling to direct point-of-care management of patients with gynecologic cancers. Gynecol Oncol, 141:2-9, . (PMID: 27016222)

Paratala, B. S. Dolfi, S. C. Khiabanian, H. Rodriguez-Rodriguez, L. Ganesan, S. Hirshfield, K. M. Emerging Role of Genomic Rearrangements in Breast Cancer: Applying Knowledge from Other Cancers. Biomark Cancer, 8:1-14, . (PMID: 26917980)

Ganguly, B. Dolfi, S. C. Rodriguez-Rodriguez, L. Ganesan, S. Hirshfield, K. M. Role of Biomarkers in the Development of PARP Inhibitors. Biomark Cancer, 8:15-25, . (PMID: 26997874, PMCID: PMC4786099)

Joshi, S. Tolkunov, D. Aviv, H. Hakimi, A. A. Yao, M. Hsieh, J. J. Ganesan, S. Chan, C. S. White, E. The Genomic Landscape of Renal Oncocytoma Identifies a Metabolic Barrier to Tumorigenesis. Cell Rep, 13:1895-1908, . (PMID: 26655904)

Xu, J. Xiang, L. Wang, G. Ganesan, S. Feldman, M. Shih, N. N. Gilmore, H. Madabhushi, A. Sparse Non-negative Matrix Factorization (SNMF) based color unmixing for breast histopathological image analysis. Comput Med Imaging Graph, In process, . (PMID: 25958195)

Teh, J. L. Shah, R. La Cava, S. Dolfi, S. C. Mehta, M. S. Kongara, S. Price, S. Ganesan, S. Reuhl, K. R. Hirshfield, K. M. Karantza, V. Chen, S. Metabotropic glutamate receptor 1 disrupts mammary acinar architecture and initiates malignant transformation of mammary epithelial cells. Breast Cancer Res Treat, In process, . (PMID: 25859923)

Bjorklund, S. S. Kristensen, V. N. Seiler, M. Kumar, S. Alnaes, G. I. Ming, Y. Kerrigan, J. Naume, B. Sachidanandam, R. Bhanot, G. Borresen-Dale, A. L. Ganesan, S. Expression of an estrogen-regulated variant transcript of the peroxisomal branched chain fatty acid oxidase ACOX2 in breast carcinomas. BMC Cancer, 15:524, . (PMID: 26183823, PMCID: PMC4504068)

Pimenta, E. M. De, S. Weiss, R. Feng, D. Hall, K. Kilic, S. Bhanot, G. Ganesan, S. Ran, S. Barnes, B. J. IRF5 is a novel regulator of CXCL13 expression in breast cancer that regulates CXCR5 B- and T-cell trafficking to tumor-conditioned media. Immunol Cell Biol, In process, . (PMID: 25533286)

Tereshchenko, I. V. Zhong, H. Chekmareva, M. A. Kane-Goldsmith, N. Santanam, U. Petrosky, W. Stein, M. N. Ganesan, S. Singer, E. A. Moore, D. Tischfield, J. A. DiPaola, R. S. ERG and CHD1 heterogeneity in prostate cancer: Use of confocal microscopy in assessment of microscopic foci. Prostate, 74:1551-1559, . (PMID: 25175909, PMCID: PMC4181586)

Stein, M. N. Hirshfield, K. M. Zhong, H. Singer, E. A. Ali, S. M. Ganesan, S. Response to Crizotinib in a Patient with MET-mutant Papillary Renal Cell Cancer After Progression on Tivantinib. Eur Urol, In process, . (PMID: 25457019)

Simhadri, S. Peterson, S. Patel, D. Huo, Y. Cai, H. Bowman-Colin, C. Miller, S. Ludwig, T. Ganesan, S. Bhaumik, M. Bunting, S. Jasin, M. Xia, B. Male fertility defect associated with disrupted BRCA1-PALB2 interaction in mice. J Biol Chem, 289:24617-24629, . (PMID: 25016020, PMCID: PMC4148885)

Laddha, S. V. Ganesan, S. Chan, C. S. White, E. Mutational Landscape of the Essential Autophagy Gene BECN1 in Human Cancers. Mol Cancer Res, 12:485-490, . (PMID: 24478461, PMCID: PMC3989371)

Lozy, F. Cai-McRae, X. Teplova, I. Price, S. Reddy, A. Bhanot, G. Ganesan, S. Vazquez, A. Karantza, V. ERBB2 overexpression suppresses stress-induced autophagy and renders ERBB2-induced mammary tumorigenesis independent of monoallelic loss. Autophagy, 10:662-676, . (PMID: 24492513, PMCID: PMC4091153)

Hirshfield, K. M. Ganesan, S. Triple-negative breast cancer: molecular subtypes and targeted therapy. Curr Opin Obstet Gynecol, 26:34-40, . (PMID: 24346128)

Labidi-Galy, S. I. Clauss, A. Ng, V. Duraisamy, S. Elias, K. M. Piao, H. Y. Bilal, E. Davidowitz, R. A. Lu, Y. Badalian-Very, G. Gyorffy, B. Kang, U. B. Ficarro, S. Ganesan, S. Mills, G. B. Marto, J. A. Drapkin, R. Elafin drives poor outcome in high-grade serous ovarian cancers and basal-like breast tumors. Oncogene, In process, . (PMID: 24469047, PMCID: PMC4112176)

Glod, J. Song, M. Sharma, A. Tyagi, R. Rhodes, R. H. Weissmann, D. J. Roychowdhury, S. Khan, A. Kane, M. P. Hirshfield, K. Ganesan, S. DiPaola, R. S. Rodriguez-Rodriguez, L. Next generation sequencing as an aid to diagnosis and treatment of an unusual pediatric brain cancer. J Pers Med, 4:402-411, . (PMID: 25563358)

Kulkarni, A. Oza, J. Yao, M. Sohail, H. Ginjala, V. Tomas-Loba, A. Horejsi, Z. Tan, A. R. Boulton, S. J. Ganesan, S. Tripartite motif-containing 33 (TRIM33) functions in the Poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase (PARP)-dependent DNA damage response through interaction with Amplified in Liver Cancer-1 (ALC1). J Biol Chem, In process, . (PMID: 23926104)

Huo, Y. Cai, H. Teplova, I. Bowman-Colin, C. Chen, G. Price, S. Barnard, N. Ganesan, S. Karantza, V. White, E. Xia, B. Autophagy Opposes p53-Mediated Tumor Barrier to Facilitate Tumorigenesis in a Model of PALB2-Associated Hereditary Breast Cancer. Cancer Discov, 3:894-907, . (PMID: 23650262, PMCID: PMC3740014)

Basavanhally, A. Ganesan, S. Feldman, M. Shih, N. Mies, C. Tomaszewski, J. Madabhushi, A. Multi-Field-of-View Framework for Distinguishing Tumor Grade in ER+ Breast Cancer from Entire Histopathology Slides. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, 60:2089-2099, . (PMID: 23392336)

Jaspers, J. E. Kersbergen, A. Boon, U. Sol, W. van Deemter, L. Zander, S. A. Drost, R. Wientjens, E. Ji, J. Aly, A. Doroshow, J. H. Cranston, A. Martin, N. M. Lau, A. O'Connor, M. J. Ganesan, S. Borst, P. Jonkers, J. Rottenberg, S. Loss of 53BP1 causes PARP inhibitor resistance in BRCA1-mutated mouse mammary tumors. Cancer Discov, 3:68-81, . (PMID: 23103855)

Mehta, M. S. Dolfi, S. C. Bronfenbrener, R. Bilal, E. Chen, C. Moore, D. Lin, Y. Rahim, H. Aisner, S. Kersellius, R. D. Teh, J. Chen, S. Toppmeyer, D. L. Medina, D. J. Ganesan, S. Vazquez, A. Hirshfield, K. M. Metabotropic glutamate receptor 1 expression and its polymorphic variants associate with breast cancer phenotypes. PLoS One, 8:e69851, . (PMID: 23922822, PMCID: PMC3724883)

Neboori, H. J. Haffty, B. G. Wu, H. Yang, Q. Aly, A. Goyal, S. Schiff, D. Moran, M. S. Golhar, R. Chen, C. Moore, D. Ganesan, S. Low p53 Binding Protein 1 (53BP1) Expression Is Associated With Increased Local Recurrence in Breast Cancer Patients Treated With Breast-Conserving Surgery and Radiotherapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 83:e677-e683, . (PMID: 22520477)

Nacerddine, K. Beaudry, J. B. Ginjala, V. Westerman, B. Mattiroli, F. Song, J. Y. van der Poel, H. Ponz, O. B. Pritchard, C. Cornelissen-Steijger, P. Zevenhoven, J. Tanger, E. Sixma, T. K. Ganesan, S. van Lohuizen, M. Akt-mediated phosphorylation of Bmi1 modulates its oncogenic potential, E3 ligase activity, and DNA damage repair activity in mouse prostate cancer. J Clin Invest, 122:1920-1932, . (PMID: 22505453, PMCID: PMC3336972)

Ma, J. Cai, H. Wu, T. Sobhian, B. Huo, Y. Alcivar, A. Mehta, M. Cheung, K. L. Ganesan, S. Kong, A. N. Zhang, D. D. Xia, B. PALB2 interacts with KEAP1 to promote NRF2 nuclear accumulation and function. Mol Cell Biol, 32:1506-1517, . (PMID: 22331464, PMCID: PMC3318596)

Bilal, E. Vassallo, K. Toppmeyer, D. Barnard, N. Rye, I. H. Almendro, V. Russnes, H. Borresen-Dale, A. L. Levine, A. J. Bhanot, G. Ganesan, S. Amplified Loci on Chromosomes 8 and 17 Predict Early Relapse in ER-Positive Breast Cancers. PLoS One, 7:e38575, . (PMID: 22719901, PMCID: PMC3374812)

Vermeer, P. D. Bell, M. Lee, K. Vermeer, D. W. Wieking, B. G. Bilal, E. Bhanot, G. Drapkin, R. I. Ganesan, S. Klingelhutz, A. J. Hendriks, W. J. Lee, J. H. ErbB2, EphrinB1, Src kinase and PTPN13 signaling complex regulates MAP kinase signaling in human cancers. PLoS One, 7:e30447, . (PMID: 22279592, PMCID: PMC3261204)

Wagh, K. Bhatia, A. Alexe, G. Reddy, A. Ravikumar, V. Seiler, M. Boemo, M. Yao, M. Cronk, L. Naqvi, A. Ganesan, S. Levine, A. J. Bhanot, G. Lactase persistence and lipid pathway selection in the maasai. PLoS One, 7:e44751, . (PMID: 23028602, PMCID: PMC3461017)

Norton, K. A. Namazi, S. Barnard, N. Fujibayashi, M. Bhanot, G. Ganesan, S. Iyatomi, H. Ogawa, K. Shinbrot, T. Automated reconstruction algorithm for identification of 3D architectures of cribriform ductal carcinoma in situ. PLoS One, 7:e44011, . (PMID: 22970156, PMCID: PMC3435324)

Haffty, B. G. Goyal, S. Kulkarni, D. Green, C. Vazquez, A. Schiff, D. Moran, M. S. Yang, Q. Ganesan, S. Hirsfield, K. M. Evaluation of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in the p53 Binding Protein 1 (TP53BP1) Gene in Breast Cancer Patients Treated With Breast-Conserving Surgery and Whole-Breast Irradiation (BCS + RT). Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 80:385-391, . (PMID: 20646866)

Ginjala, V. Nacerddine, K. Kulkarni, A. Oza, J. Hill, S. J. Yao, M. Citterio, E. van Lohuizen, M. Ganesan, S. BMI1 Is Recruited to DNA Breaks and Contributes to DNA Damage-Induced H2A Ubiquitination and Repair. Mol Cell Biol, 31:1972-1982, . (PMID: 21383063, PMCID: PMC3133356)

Tien, A. L. Senbanerjee, S. Kulkarni, A. Mudbhary, R. Goudreau, B. Ganesan, S. Sadler, K. C. Ukomadu, C. UHRF1 depletion causes a G2/M arrest, activation of DNA damage response and apoptosis. Biochem J, 435:175-185, . (PMID: 21214517, PMCID: PMC3291200)

Rao, M. Khan, A. J. Moran, M. S. Hirshfield, K. M. Ganesan, S. Haffty, B. G. Goyal, S. Clinicopathologic Presentation of Asian-Indian American (AIA) Women with Stage 0, I & II Breast Cancer. J Immigr Minor Health, 13:42-48, . (PMID: 20563645)

Aly, A. Ganesan, S. BRCA1, PARP, and 53BP1: conditional synthetic lethality and synthetic viability. J Mol Cell Biol, 3:66-74, . (PMID: 21278454, PMCID: PMC3030974)

Ganesan, S. MYC, PARP1, and Chemoresistance: BIN There, Done That? Sci Signal, 4:pe15, . (PMID: 21447796)

Basavanhally, A. Feldman, M. Shih, N. Mies, C. Tomaszewski, J. Ganesan, S. Madabhushi, A. Multi-field-of-view strategy for image-based outcome prediction of multi-parametric estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer histopathology: Comparison to Oncotype DX. J Pathol Inform, 2:S1, . (PMID: 22811953, PMCID: PMC3312707)