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Shridar Ganesan, MD, PhD

Selected Publications

Thatcher T, Ganesan S, Askar A, Rabitz H. A hybrid approach to modeling thedynamics of macromolecules. J Chem Phys 1986; 85:3655-3673.

Zawalich W, Zawalich K, Ganesan S, Calle R, Rasmussen H. Effects of thePhorbol elster 12-O-tetracecanoylphorbol-13-acetate on islet cell responsiveness. Biochem J 1990; 278:49-56.

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Zawalich W, Zawalich K, Ganesan S, Calle R, Rasmussen H. Influence Of staurosporine on glucose-mediated and glucose-conditioned insulin secretion. Biochem J 1991; 279:807-813.

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Garcia-Higuera I, Taniguchi T, Ganesan S, Meyn MS, Timmers C, Hejna J, Grompe M, D'Andrea AD. Interaction of the Fanconi anemia proteins and BRCA1 in a common pathway. Mol Cell 2001 7:249-262.

Cantor SB, Bell DW, Ganesan S, Kass EM, Drapkin R, Grossman S, Wahrer DC, Sgroi DC, Lane WS, Haber DA, Livingston DM. BACH1, a novel helicase-like protein, interacts directly with BRCA1 and contributes to its DNA repair function. Cell. 2001 105:149-160.

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Avni, D., Yang, H., Martelli, F., Hofmann, F., ElShamy W., Ganesan S and Livingston, D. Active localization of the retinoblastoma protein in chromatin and its response to S phase DNA damage. Mol. Cell 2003 Vol 12: 735-746.

Kanellopoulou C, Muljo SA, Kung AL, Ganesan S, Drapkin R, Jenuwein T, Livingston DM, and Rajewsky K. Dicer-deficient mouse embryonic stem cells are defective in differentiation and centromeric silencing. Genes Dev. 2005; 19: 489-501.