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Beatrice Haimovich, PhD

Publications since 2011

Kamisoglu, K. Haimovich, B. Calvano, S. E. Coyle, S. M. Corbett, S. A. Langley, R. J. Kingsmore, S. F. Androulakis, I. P. Human metabolic response to systemic inflammation: assessment of the concordance between experimental endotoxemia and clinical cases of sepsis/SIRS. Crit Care, 19:783, . (PMID: 25777877)

Haimovich, B. Zhang, Z. Calvano, J. E. Calvano, S. E. Kumar, A. Macor, M. A. Corbett, S. Coyle, S. M. Lowry, S. F. Cellular Metabolic Regulators: Novel Indicators of Low-Grade Inflammation in Humans. Ann Surg, In process, . (PMID: 23817504)