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Helmut Zarbl, PhD

Publications since 2011

Green, A. L. Hossain, M. M. Tee, S. C. Zarbl, H. Guo, G. L. Richardson, J. R. Epigenetic Regulation of Dopamine Transporter mRNA Expression in Human Neuroblastoma Cells. Neurochem Res, In process, . (PMID: 25963949)

Mukherjee, D. Royce, S. G. Alexander, J. A. Buckley, B. Isukapalli, S. S. Bandera, E. V. Zarbl, H. Georgopoulos, P. G. Physiologically-based toxicokinetic modeling of zearalenone and its metabolites: application to the jersey girl study. PLoS One, 9:e113632, . (PMID: 25474635)

Ren, X. Graham, J. C. Jing, L. Mikheev, A. M. Gao, Y. Lew, J. P. Xie, H. Kim, A. S. Shang, X. Friedman, C. Vail, G. Fang, M. Z. Bromberg, Y. Zarbl, H. Mapping of Mcs30, a New Mammary Carcinoma Susceptibility Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL30) on Rat Chromosome 12: Identification of Fry as a Candidate Mcs Gene. PLoS One, 8:e70930, . (PMID: 24023717, PMCID: PMC3759375)

Graham, J. C. Zarbl, H. Use of cell-SELEX to generate DNA aptamers as molecular probes of HPV-associated cervical cancer cells. PLoS One, 7:e36103, . (PMID: 22536456, PMCID: PMC3335032)

Bandera, E. V. Chandran, U. Buckley, B. Lin, Y. Isukapalli, S. Marshall, I. King, M. Zarbl, H. Urinary mycoestrogens, body size and breast development in New Jersey girls. Sci Total Environ, 409:5221-5227, . (PMID: 21975003, PMCID: PMC3312601)

Kisby, G. E. Fry, R. C. Lasarev, M. R. Bammler, T. K. Beyer, R. P. Churchwell, M. Doerge, D. R. Meira, L. B. Palmer, V. S. Ramos-Crawford, A. L. Ren, X. Sullivan, R. C. Kavanagh, T. J. Samson, L. D. Zarbl, H. Spencer, P. S. The cycad genotoxin MAM modulates brain cellular pathways involved in neurodegenerative disease and cancer in a DNA damage-linked manner. PLoS One, 6:e20911, . (PMID: 21731631, PMCID: PMC3121718)